Are You Using Just Retweet To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

Feb 29


Are You Using Just Retweet To Increase Your Blog TrafficFor the first time everrrrrrrrr Twitter has been sending the MOST traffic to my blog …


And it’s all down to a fab NEW site that Barry Wells told me about that I’ve been using called Just Retweet.


Not only can you ask people to re-tweet your Blog Posts on here but you can ALSO ask them to re-tweet your Rss feeds and You Tube videos too…


And the best part of all is it’s completely FREE…




Here’s a quick video showing you what  it’s about and how YOU can use it to get more traffic to your blog…..



While we’re on the subject of traffic, don’t forget that Barry Wells’s video challenge starts today…


So if you fancy getting involved and grabbing some extra traffic to your blog then head over to Barry’s place and join in the fun.


There’s also $300 worth of prizes up for grabs.


Take care


And I’ll catch ya soon



Dawn Kay





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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks very much for the links and shout outs, wear your crown with pride :) You ARE the Queen of the shout out sharers

    Another great video giving people an excellent tour of an excellent resource. You’re a bit generous with the credits….. or am I just a tight A### ? :)

    Ummm I’ll have to think about offering more I think :lol:

    I’m sure that people will be able to gain more exposure for their content once they start using justRetweet as well as gaining new friends and followers.

    Thanks again Dawn

    Take care mate,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Video Blog Challenge: How To Create A PowerPoint Presentation Part OneMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Barry

    No problem matey I’m hanging on to that crown with both hands lol

    Thank you for letting me know about the site and I can’t believe that it knocked Facebook off my top spot for the first time ever…

    Yep I think you are being a bit tight on the credits mate ha ha.

    If you spend some time looking the ones that offer 20 credits or more get more shares so it might be worth your while upping yours.

    Good luck with the challenge and I’ll do my best trying to shout it out for ya

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Small Lists Can Get Results Too…YayyyMy Profile


  2. Hey Dawn

    Great video and thorough demonstation of justRetweet, I hope they peeps who own justretweet will see you video and perhaps even offer some nice rewards as you did a really great job explaining everything.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful new traffic generating resource and keep up the fab work.

    Looking forward to your next video

    Take care and all the best

    Nigel Yip recently posted..List Build It 1 – What is List Building and Why Build a List?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Nigel

    A treat would be lovely but I doubt if I’ll get one matey ha ha…

    Its a really good site Nigel so you should definitely check it out as its been working really good for me.

    Will be over your place soon and its lovely to have you back online again, i’ve missed ya!

    Take care



  3. Hi Dawn

    I hope you’re well..Angie says hi :)

    Great video…I’ve never used it before, actually never even heard of it until today.

    Just goes to show it doesn’t take long for people to lose track of what’s happening online..or maybe that’s just me :)

    I’ve never fully embraced social media…I use it but not properly, I always seem to be in product creation mode…I must try harder.

    I’m going to listen to your podcast too :)

    Speak soon
    Steve King recently posted..Reality check…or is it coming soon?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Steve

    How are you doing matey and where have you been hiding
    cause I haven’t seen ya for ages.

    It is hard to keep up with everything online and if you blink then you miss it (ha ha)

    Can’t believe that your not concentrating on Social Media full on mate as imagine how more exposure your sites will get if you made it your priority.

    Get Angie on the case, she’d be good at that.

    Catch you at your soon

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My First In Front Of Camera Video And An Exclusive Bonus From SallyMy Profile


  4. Thanks for doing a video on this site Dawn and glad you included this in Barry’s challenge.

    I keep getting tweets from them wanting me to retweet their stuff and trust me, I tweet a LOT of stuff so I haven’t taken the time to go see what it’s all about. Glad you just showed me what it’s all about.

    Great job Dawn and will look forward to more videos in the weeks to come.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Become An Engagement SuperstarMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Adrienne

    I can see it might be difficult for ya as you do cover a lot of sites lol

    I like it and think its a cool way of people sharing other peoples content that they might not of come into contact with otherwise.

    Are you in the video challenge Adrienne, hope so!

    Take care misses

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Spotlight On My Fab iTunes ReviewersMy Profile



    @Adrienne, Hi Dawn and Adrienne!
    I had to chime in here and response to what Adrienne mentioned about getting mentions by JustRetweet. I have to apologize and clarify something.
    One of the users was including @ mentions to people in his tweets that he should not have been including. At first I thought that he had mentioned these people in his blog posts and that’s why he included them in his tweets. Once I had the chance to investigate and found out that was NOT the case I let him know that was considered as spam. He apologized and admitted that he didn’t realize what he was doing wrong.

    I just wanted to clear that up because some other people might have thought that was coming directly from JustRetweet but that is not the case and once again I apologize for the confusion.

    On behalf of Valentine and the other supporters of the service (like Gail from GrowMap) I’d like say that if you join I’ll be sure that you get some extra credits added to your account so you can see how the service can benefit you and your blog and as a way of saying thank you.
    Ileane recently posted..How to Get More Traffic from YouTubeMy Profile




    Thank you Ileane for clearing that up because believe me, I thought they were pestering me to join. I think you know that we don’t like to be pestered like that so I now know it wasn’t from the service itself.

    I have a little better understanding now so thank you for that.
    Adrienne recently posted..How To Install A YouTube Widget On Your BlogMy Profile


  5. Great video, Dawn, and I haven’t heard about this site, although I have seen little tips about it from Barry, but I’m not so good at investigating things, I’d rather someone else did it and showed me what to do! Exactly what you have done!

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy recently posted..What Background Will Your Viewers See?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Mandy

    You lazy so and so ha ha.

    Yep I know what you mean as its a lot easier and less time consuming if someone shows you the way…

    Would advise you to definitely check it out though as its my number 1 traffic source at the moment.

    Will be over your place soon to see if your yorkshire puddings have risen.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Keith Purkiss Interview – Giveaway Event Contributor TipsMy Profile


  6. Hey Dawn,

    Great video. Never heard of Just Retweet, but it looks very similar to Twiends. It works basically the same way, although you can’t add your blog posts or youtube in there, I don’t think.

    I signed up and we’ll see how it works.

    Thanks for letting us know about it!
    Linda recently posted..Installing WordPress Using a Cpanel – Barry’s Video Challenge #1My Profile


  7. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for the review. Well am glad you could be able to get traffic using JustRetweet and we hope to see more of you there ;)



  8. Hi Dawn,

    great video have not yet got into twitter and just started dabbling with Facebook, but if you are finding that this has increased you traffic then its something I really ought to do as its clear that social media is being more and more important for marketing.

    Good job. Rob..
    Robert Corrigan recently posted..Listing On Kindle For ProfitMy Profile


  9. Love your video, Dawn. Regarding what you can or can’t share on retweet, if you have ethical, quality affiliate links in your posts that is ok. You can even recommend something IF it is ethical and useful to other bloggers or the general public.

    What will get deleted is retweet requests that go directly to sales pages or Warrior Forum type promotional get-rich-quick or trackback spamming plugins or anything else of that sort.

    Valentine and I discuss together what is ethical and what isn’t and soon we’ll have more bloggers in a forum so that we can reach a collective decision on what to allow and what to prohibit.

    In the meantime there are tips about what is ok and on writing better quality retweet requests in my post about getting more Twitter traffic using JustRetweet.

    Where have you been hiding? I just added you to my CommentLuv Twitter list and I’ll be adding you to my many other lists.

    If you use Skype or Yahoo IM could you meet me there? I’m the only GrowMap on Skype and my other contact info is on my contact tab. I need to know what section of my Top CommentLuv blogs list your blog belongs in.

    Another way for you or any other CommentLuv bloggers to get on my lists is to add your information to my Bloggers Promote Your Blogs here post that I’ll link from the Name field of this comment. Be sure to fill out the little form and paste it in the comments.

    Any time I can be of assistance just add @GrowMap to a tweet or leave a comment in my blog or catch me on Skype or Yahoo IM. I leave them both open.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..MUST HAVE Social CRM Nimble Brings All Your Contacts and Major Social Media Activities TogetherMy Profile


  10. Hello Dawn,
    My first visit here and I got a freebie. Looks like I MUST visit often :)

    Latha recently posted..Local Business Marketing Online – What are you selling?My Profile



    @Latha, Hi Latha, thanks for giving JustRetweet a try. I just gifted your account with some additional credits. :)
    Ileane recently posted..Blogger Interview: Joost de Valk aka YoastMy Profile


  11. Hi Dawn, I love this review of JustRetweet! You did a wonderful job on the video too.
    Barry Wells is such a great guy and I’m joining in the video challenge as well! (see my CommentLuv Link)

    Thanks again for supporting JustRetweet and I look forward to “just retweeting” your tweets LOL!

    Ileane recently posted..How to Get More Traffic from YouTubeMy Profile


  12. Hey Dawn,
    Looks like another great retweet site. I have been addicted to and and the results have been great

    I just looked at and it appears it targets more of bloggers. That should be a good place to find like-minded bloggers and network with. what I don’t know is if I can do well on it without a blog.
    Steev recently posted..Are You Using Just Retweet To Increase Your Blog Traffic?My Profile


  13. Hi Dawn,

    JustRetweet looks great, but I’m a bit reluctant to fill my timeline with content from people I don’t know like and trust yet.

    Can you click for credits with one account, and then use the credits on another? I have a #teamfollowback which has about 10 times more followers than my personal account, and I’m happy to post anything on that account.

    Alternatively what are the prices to just buy credits, and does the site give you a special deal when you first join? Also you mention that you get extra credits for referring people yet you haven’t included a link in the post, if I’m joining on your recommendation I want you to get extra credits.

    Look forward to seeing what video you will be putting out next week for the challenge.

    Andrew Stark recently posted..List Building For Bloggers – Part 1 “Copy The Best”My Profile


  14. Dawn, Thanks for highlighting Just Retweet. I used to get a load of traffic from twitter when i added PLS Retweet to any tweet i did but I just got out of the habit.

    Going to test this out for myself and see how it goes.. thanks
    Mark Thompson recently posted..Internet Marketing 101My Profile


  15. Hi Dawn,

    Terrific demonstration there of JustRetweet and a great little site, I will for sure have a look at that. As Linda said, works similar to Twiends only better as your posts are retweeted where Twiends is follows on twitter.

    Thanks Dawn for telling us about JustRetweets – super video. :-)

    Take Care
    Julie recently posted..Tips Promoting Products as an Affiliate #1My Profile



    @Julie, Hi Julie, I just sent you an email and gifted you with some JustRetweet credits! Btw – isn’t Barry’s video challenge a load of fun!? Chat soon.
    Ileane recently posted..AWeber Introduces a New Broadcast Email Editor for Your NewsletterMy Profile



    @Ileane, Ileane, thank you so much, that is very kind of you to do that. I received your mail and will get back to you and let you know my views.

    Yes, Barry’s challenge has been fun. I’ve some viewing to catch up on and it doesn’t help when I’ve all these new things to play with :-)

    Thanks again Ileane and have a good evening
    Julie recently posted..Tips Promoting Products as an Affiliate #4My Profile


  16. I’m interested in this for sure. I’ve embraced about every form of marketing but Twitter. I’ve done some “tweets” and I’ve got some followers, but I want to expand my horizons and take it to the max. Twitter has been one of those sites I knew could be profitable, but didn’t really know how to monetize. This product might be a good place to start, thanks for the post Dawn :) Craig Wilson
    Craig Wilson recently posted..Places To Get Free StuffMy Profile


  17. Hi Dawn
    Thanks for sharing the video, I had not heard of JustRetweet so I am going to go and sign up as it looks like a great way to gain more traffic.
    Have a great day
    Pauline recently posted..Squeeze Pages For NewbiesMy Profile


  18. Megan R. Bowlin /

    Hi Dawn,

    Wow! It’s my first time to hear how effective retweet is in driving traffic into your blog. I think I will give it a shot! Have you join the video challenge of Barry?
    Megan R. Bowlin recently posted..Local SEOMy Profile


  19. Hi Dawn
    Have only just managed to get my photo on Twitter! It wouldn’t uploaad since I joined, neither would Google+, but both sorted now.
    Will definitely investigate.
    Dee recently posted..What is PLR Part 4? Free or paid PLR?My Profile


  20. Hi Dawn

    Great video and so easy to follow. Carried out your instructions while I was watching the video and now I have my “Just Retweet” all set up and running! :)

    Great job Dawn and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the next video ;)

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian :)
    Ian Ieba recently posted..Creating And Using Videos For Your Business – Part 1My Profile


  21. Hey Chick,

    Just set up my account on JustRT, will try and add it into my daily schedule cos I know if you are giving it the thumbs up then it’s most certainly worth my time.

    Great video by that way, nice n confident, and super simple to follow – always love the easy stuff too and more traffic is always a good thing right? lol.

    Hope you have a fab weekend and I shall speak to ya on Monday (if not before then) – be GOOD ;)

    C yaaaa, Sally :) x
    Sally recently posted..I’m still climbing the ladder of success, are you?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Sally “party girl” Neill

    Hope you had a good one, drank lots, laughed lots and didn’t do anything that I wouldn’t do (ha ha)

    Yep Just Retweet gets the thumbs up from me, it’s still my number 1 traffic source for this week aswell so defo worth the time.

    Ileane kindly said in the comments above that if people joined she would give them some extra credits so it’s worth giving her a shout.

    Glad you liked the video, its not perfect I know but you don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it going yes (lol)

    (wander who’s always telling me that???)

    Catch ya on skype tommorrow

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Is your blog Pinterest friendly?My Profile


  22. Hey Dawn,

    Thanks for the retweet tip. I use a similar service that offers retweets, twitter followers, facebook likes, and google +1′s. It also works on the credit system. I’ll be making a video on it asap and pot it to Barry’s contest.

    I’ll be checking Just Retweet out too.

    Thanks and good job on the video.

    Jeremy Ruggles recently posted..How To Overcome Internet Marketing Failure – You Can Make Money OnlineMy Profile


  23. Hi Pauline,

    Thanks for checking out JustRetweet and as promised I sent you some credits. Please let us know what you think about the service and consider writing a review on your site.
    Ileane recently posted..How to Build Facebook Page Timeline Apps with LujureMy Profile



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