Banquette Seating Serves Classy Appeal in Casual Way

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What is good of banquette style? Yeah, banquette becomes a trend in the recent time as it steals people attention to grab more anything related to banquette model. Spending the empty space of under window with a banquette is kind of perfect idea. To meet today’s need, banquette shares classy appeal to enjoy while gathering with friends and family. Anyway, it gives royal taste casually. Let’s surf the virtual appeal below!

Having banquette plan for your dining table is the best way to perform casually and share exclusive style. The perfect combination of white and rustic wooden material of the table and chairs give both modern and traditional taste at once. Long log table cuts the long white banquette sofa stacked on the white wall while the chairs keep surrounding it from other direction. Green banquette seating beneath large glassy window is another chance to grab natural appeal. Add floral cushion on the bolster give perfect outlook. With storage beneath the seating, it must be a multifunction stuff to meet your modern lifestyle.

Navy blue banquette seating is also a good idea for expensive and classy restaurant. Making it from velvet material adds the plush value while the glass table appears modernly. Flashing the blue with the yellow one is adorable anyway. It shares boldness and lightness in one design. Casual banquette in the tone of white and black fills the corner of a house with simple white wooden table. A half circle banquette is a unique model to be inserted in your luxurious home. With evening hue cover, it sure gives enjoyable evening spot to hang out with family and friends. White royal banquette with tall backrest invites every eye with coastal background. Thanks to the tuft pattern and the ombre white grey cushions added upon it. A casual banquette in the kitchen could be your next choice with its creamy look added with tall back-rested chairs. A really adorable stuff to pick!

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Gallery of: Banquette Seating Serves Classy Appeal in Casual Way

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