Facing More Fears And What Do You Want To Know More About?

Nov 10

Last week was one of the TOUGHEST weeks I’ve had online…

But also ended up being my BEST!

Let me explain…

As part of my Learn with Sally Neill coaching I had 2 fears to face up too last week

1) Co-Host the webinar with Sally

2) Interview an expert


First up was co-hosting the webinar with Sally, which meant me creating a blog post that I shared with the other students LIVE on the call.


Since it was interview an expert week as-well, I created some videos on how to transcribe your audio interviews into text…


Then a couple of days before the webinar my videos became USELESS as the software I was talking about changed…




I’m laughing about it now but I was spitting feathers at the time and it really REALLY stressed me out BIG TIME!


Sally was fab as usual, calmed me down and told me mistakes and things going wrong are GOOD because then you can write about them…


And I also got a TON of support from all the other Learn with Sally students as well (so thanks guys)


You can check out all their fab blogs below:


Sally Neill

Kathy Dobson

Barry Wells

Ian Ieba

Jacinta Dean

Nikki Stephens

Nigel Yip

Jean Shaw

Greg Taylor

Mandy Allen

Kerry Russell

DeeAnn Rice

Igor  Griffiths


Anyway, despite the hiccups and me being absolutely terrified I DID get to co-host the webinar!






And you can check out the little presentation I did on the webinar below!



One down – one more to go!


The day after the webinar I had my INTERVIEW on Skype booked with Randy Smith.


(Could have spaced them out a bit better I know lol)


Randy and I had got together earlier in the week for a pre-interview chat (which helped me a lot)


So once interview time arrived, I wasn’t really that nervous at ALL and we had a LAUGH…


(Can you believe it and here was me dreading it for week’s)


I think it helped that I actually know Randy quite well as I’ve been on his mailing list for years and am a REGULAR at his Marketing Meet Ups.


Plus Randy was lovely, gave me LOTS of encouragement beforehand…


And reminded me that if I made a mistake and it didn’t go to plan – who would know…


Which is sooooooooo true!


The interview went like clockwork and Randy shared some REALLY FAB TIPS that I know will help a lot of people…


Thanks’ Randy!


And I got to cross another  fear OFF my list…




My interview with Randy is the first of MANY I will be doing as I am creating a podcast interview series called Experts Let Rip.


You can listen to the first podcast and grab the FREE mp3 and pdf guide in my NEXT blog post…


So stay tuned for that…..


So can you help me help you???


I’ve got a few EXPERTS already lined up to interview!


But rather than me guess what you want to KNOW MORE ABOUT…


Why don’t you tell me…


Then I can grab an EXPERT that’s knowledgeable and we can ALL learn something that will help us move FORWARD!


So what TOPIC do you want to know MORE about???


Is there something you would LOVE TO DO online but you don’t know HOW to do it???


Plzzzzzz let me know by leaving a comment below.


Take care



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  1. Gosh, what questions, Dawn! There are some things I cannot do online. mostly techie. It frustrates me terribly, but I learn much better when I am with someone being shown, rather than trying to read instructions.

    I think I’d like to know how to turn things around when they aren’t working. You can follow all the rules, take courses step by step and vigilantly copy every detail to the umpteenth letter, but it doesn’t always succeeded for one person where it has for others. So, how does one turn things around to success?

    Enjoy the journey.

    mandy recently posted..Randy Smith’s Northallerton Marketing MeetupMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Mandy

    What Topics are you trying to do that frustrates you and you’d like to know more about?

    Product Creation
    Hosting Your Own Giveaway Event
    List Building
    Social Media
    Video Marketing

    If I can narrow it down to a particular topic then you will be able to get more out of the interview…

    Thanks for your input and I’ll catch you at Randy’s meet up on Saturday!


    p.s Don’t forget the chocloate
    Dawn Kay recently posted..Small Lists Can Get Results Too…YayyyMy Profile


  2. Hi Dawn,

    Congratulations on facing, and kicking into touch, the two fears. Your co-hosting was first class, you done a really good of presenting the software you use.

    Sorry If I didn’t have quite enough questions for you :lol:

    I knew your interview with Randy would go well. After all you 2 know each other very well through his meet ups so as long as you stayed off the sauce you’d both be ok ha ha.

    Excellent video and a very clever idea Dawn, well done. Smart move ;)

    Who would I like to see you interview? Not sure Dawn to be honest. I see the list you put in your reply to Mandy and Sally is teaching us a lot of that.

    I would like to know more about Give Away events so maybe Kerry Russell? After watching her last video I realised that there’s more to give aways than just offering a gift.

    Catch you later Dawn

    Take care,
    Barry Wells recently posted..I’m Going To Interview An Expert, Do YOU Have Any Questions You Need Answering?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Barry

    God knows what I’d of done if you had asked your 50 questions(ha ha)

    Thanks Barry I’m glad you liked it and thank you for the gentle nudges that made me do it…

    I don’t think I would of done it otherwise and would of kicked myself later!

    Yep we did stay off the sauce ha ha and it was easier because I know Randy so the big challenge for me will be doing an interview with someone I don’t know…

    So you want to learn more about giveaways do ya…

    . entering one as a contributor
    . or hosting your own


    Kerry Russel would be a fab choice and a fellow Learn with Sally member as well – thanks Barry!

    And good luck with your interview, you’ll be fab I know you will.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..How To Transcribe Your Audio Interviews Into TextMy Profile


  3. Great presentation Dawn.

    Barry is a right one isn’t he, that was really funny. LoL.

    Look forward to hearing you interview with Randy Smith. You really are rocking it woman, well done Dawn.

    Take Care
    Julie recently posted..Wanted Tach Growers & Cash CollectorsMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Julie

    Thanks Julie, I really had fun interviewing Randy and although I’m getting out of my comfort zone and doing all this crazyyyyyy stuff, I am having a ball as well…

    Where’s your tash by the way (lol)

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My First In Front Of Camera Video And An Exclusive Bonus From SallyMy Profile


  4. Hey Chick

    Congrats on facing two fears, no stopping ya now is there, you fear nothing ha ha.

    It’s horrid when you create videos and they go out of date before you can even get them online lol, has happened to me a few times before, just one of those things I guess.

    You did fab on the webinar, a real pro!

    The interview with Randy… yes I got a sneaky listen first ha ha, and it’s excellent Randy does share a ton of helpful info and your laugh is addictive (sounds like you had a ball doing it)

    Have to be honest, right now there isn’t really anything that I wanna learn, but… I do think an interview with Kathy Dobson the outsourcing expert would be pretty cool cos I have recently realized outsourcing is the way forward!

    Again congrats on facing the fears, you ROCK!

    Sally x
    Sally recently posted..Learn With Sally… Four Webinars And A FunnelMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Sally

    Shhhhh don’t tell Randy he’ll kill me ha ha

    Randy was lovely and we did have a laugh doing it
    and yeah he did share a lot of fab content too which
    I’m sure people will love!

    Thank you for the opportunity of co-hosting with you and for making me face my fears!

    Despite me stressing out big time it did make me realize that I can do anything if I want too – I’ve just got to want too ha ha

    I do fear something but I aint daft enough to tell you cause you’ll make me face it ha ha

    Yep I agree Kathy Dobson would be fab but I’m not sure she would want to do it yet but I’ll work on her (lol)

    Have you noticed that the 2 people put forward are Team Sally members?

    Go Team Sally!!!!!!

    Catch ya later misses

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Omg She’s Got Me Facing Them AlreadyMy Profile


  5. There it goes :-)
    Julie recently posted..Wanted Tach Growers & Cash CollectorsMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    That’s better Julie ha ha

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Not Bad But Needs WorkMy Profile


  6. Hi Dawn, no worries on the nudges mate, it’s what we do ;)

    I don’t have the time to organize a give away Dawn but i would like to know more about how to set the gifts up etc.

    I also read Sally’s comment and think I would agree with her. People do need to know about outsourcing a bit more as too many sit and struggle trying to do it all alone.

    I did cover it in a previous blog post (comluv link below) but more people need to realise that by outsourcing we get loooooaaaaddddsssss more done and much quicker.

    Have a great weekend Dawn

    Catch you up on the circuit ;)
    Barry Wells recently posted..Journey To Success Part 7: Focus, Time and MoneyMy Profile


  7. Hey Dawn,

    Well done on facing 2 fears in one week! You were great on the webinar, you’d never have known it was your first one. The software you shared with us looked really useful as well so thank you!

    I’m looking forward to being able to hear your interview with Randy, it sounds like you had a fun time making it.

    Catch up with you soon,

    Nikki (Purple Minxy Witch) recently posted..Amazon S3 – A Beginner’s Guide (Part 2) – Uploading to your Amazon S3 accountMy Profile


  8. Hi Dawn,

    Firstly I apologise, I thought I had already left a comment on this post, only to discover I hadn’t! (My Bad) ;)

    Congratulations Dawn, you really did do a fantastic job, co-hosting the webinar. That was a real fear you faced, as I know how worried you were about doing it. But, you need not have been because you were great! :)

    I also really enjoyed your presentation on the software that you use to transcribe you interviews.

    The video was so easy to follow Dawn, you really are a natural.

    Who would I like to see you interview? I would like to know more about “WordPress” and get to know more about what can be done with it; with that in mind may I suggest “Mouh” of “effortlessebookwriting.com”

    His posts are amazing on this topic and I have already learnt a great deal from him. I’m sure he has plenty more treats to share!

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian :)
    Ian Ieba recently posted..Boy! Am I Excited I’m Holding My First Ever Interview with An Expert, What Questions Would You Ask?My Profile


  9. Hi Dawn,
    I am so impressed with you, doing two things which I would find extremely difficult, you are now a member of a small but growing elite club from Sally’s coaching.

    Somebody I believe would be a great person to Adrienne Smith, a friend whose advice and encouragement to everybody is amazing, and what I would like to hear being asked, ‘How to make my blog better’

    Barry recently posted..Only Three Weeks To Get NoticedMy Profile



    @Barry, Sorry Dawn, I was thinking quicker than typing :) , that should have read Somebody I believe would be a great person to interview would be Adrienne Smith.

    I will now go and sit on the naughty step for an hour.

    Barry recently posted..Only Three Weeks To Get NoticedMy Profile


  10. Hey Dawn

    Congratulations and congratulations for conquering two fears in one week, or should I say “Conqeuring A Fear A Day” lol. Like I previsouly said, I can’t remember now or where exactly, you did brilliantly and were such a pro on the webinar showing us exactly how it should have been done.

    In fact I think that you could also say that because the videos that you made prior to the webinar about the transcription program you used got made redundant, it was a “blessing in disguise” because now everyone and anyone who joins Sally’s Learn with Sally Coaching program will now see and highly regards you as an transcriptionist expert, and it will great promotion for your transcription service lol!!!

    It’s also a delight and such great joy to hear that you got your first interview done and dusted, you are so much braver that I will ever be Dawn.

    Congratulations again Dawn, keeping up the fabolous work and speak soon

    Take care and have a great day
    Nigel Yip recently posted..LWS 10 – Build Your List Now!My Profile


  11. Wow Dawn,

    Great job on conquering your fears on your webinar!

    If you were nervous I couldn’t tell, I’m also making a few challenges of myself and I finally got it that in order to overcome our fears, we need to just go and do it!

    There’s no better antidote for that!

    Anyway, good luck with your online business, I can see you’re not taking any baby steps here, but are going for the whole ‘enchilada’ already! lol

    Take care and have a great start of week! ;-)


    PS. I never tried this service before I might try it!
    Sergio Felix recently posted..How To Create Your First Video: Patrick Griffin InterviewMy Profile


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