Freebie Traffic Generator You Can Set And Forget

Aug 15

Freebie Traffic Generator You Can Set And ForgetIt’s been a busy week in Team Sally this week as we’ve been learning all about SOCIAL MEDIA and how important it is to have a presence on ALL the top sites.


Sally also told us about a really cool FREE tool we could use to promote our Social Media Profiles which will bring traffic back to our blogs on autopilot.


It’s called Wisestamp and it allows you to create your own custom email signature that can display your Facebook, You Tube and Twitter profiles as well as show your latest blog post.


Here’s a few of my email signatures to give you an idea of what Wisestamp can do……


Dawn Kays Wisestamp Traffic Generator



Dawn Kays Wisestamp Traffic Generator Example



As You Can See You Can:


  • Link to loads of your different Social Media profiles

  • Display your latest blog post


  • Show your last tweet on Twitter


  • Promote your eBay auctions in it


  • Link to an opt-in page


  • Recommend an affiliate product


  • Add your own logo’s and banners


  • And so much more!


Wisestamp can also integrate with your autoresponder account so that every time you send out a message…..


Your nice new email signature get’s flashed around too!


Cool or what???


It also reminds people who you are and show’s them that your REAL…..


Which is great for building RELATIONSHIPS with your subscribers don’t you think?????




If you want to create your own cool signature like mine then head over to Wisestamp now and grab your FREE download.




Sally announced a traffic COMPETITION this week (Whoooooooo)


And the person who get’s the most TRAFFIC to their blog between now and the 31st August…


Wins a fab new…..Kodak video camera.


And I sooooooooooo want one  (lol).


So if you know any ways I can get LOTS of traffic to my blog!




You would be happy to Tweet and Facebook like my posts.


Then I would be really REALLY grateful…..


And plzzz


Can you hop over to all the other Learn With Sally students taking part in the competition aswell!


As I’m sure they would really appreciate your support too…..



Kathy Dobson


Terry Conti


Barry Wells


Jacinta Dean


Nikki Stephens


Ian Ieba


Jean Shaw


Sarah Night


Nigel Yip


If you are a Learn With Sally student and your names not above then leave your url  in your comment and I’ll add you to the list!




Are you using Social Media to drive traffic to your blog???


What Social Media site do you like the best???


Would love to know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Take care


And I’ll catch up with you soon.




P.s  If you want to grab access to Sally’s coaching course and a fab EXCLUSIVE bonus then Click HERE Now


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  1. Hi Dawn…
    Oh…you beat me to it! I was going to write a similar blog post ;)
    At any rate…WiseStamp is fun and easy to use and everyone should take advantage of it.

    As for Social Media…I am just starting to conquer that area although I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for quite sometime now.

    I just have to figure out how to use so much Social Media without using so much time ;)

    Thanks for the link Dawn…great idea to incorporate into this post ;)
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..Learning From the Blog Hopping QueenMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Kathy

    Ha ha well there’s a saying here that if you snooze you loose…

    So you got to be a bit faster next time (lol).

    You was fast on getting the first comment in though so I guess your using that tool I told you to use.

    Don’t worry about wasting your time on all of these sites as Sally did say she’d tell us about more shortcuts we can take.

    No problems about the link…..

    Glad to share the love.

    Take care



  2. Hi Dawn,

    I was introduced to that one a while back and thought it was pretty cool. Wish it was interchangeable with other programs other than gmail. I have several gmail accounts so you can only use one sign up with the free version. Not quite ready to plunk down the money for this one because I answer all my emails for my blog through a different service and this isn’t compatible with that service. At least not the free version.

    But it’s really cool and I do use it for my main business gmail account. Great way to get the word out.

    Thanks for sharing and I’ll visit some other of the students as well. Glad you guys are enjoying this. You are too kind to help them out too! Hope they remember that! :-)

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get Around In LinkedInMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Adrienne

    It’s a shame you can’t use it with your other service provider aswell because imagine how much exposure your links would get if you could.

    Damn shame that…

    Yep I’m having a blast on Sally’s course and am learning some really cool stuff that all the other people never tell you about (lol).

    Hope all is well with you and I’ll thank you in advance for hopping over to the other Learn With Sally students blogs.

    I’m sure they’ll really appreciate your support.

    Take care Adrienne and I’ll hopefully catch up with you soon.



  3. Nice to hear you are all learning lots with Sally!

    I did think your student list was rather shorter than it should be, but then read your request for the other url’s.

    Great idea to advertise your classmates.

    I have yet to launch my Facebook fan page, although it is done, I just need to get it published – I know, it’s just the click of a button…

    Enjoy the journey.

    mandy recently posted..Goal Setting Really Does WorkMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Mandy

    If it’s just a click of a button then get on with it misses.

    It wont get done on it’s own (lol).

    Yeah that’s not all the Learn with Sally students, just the ones that I know the names and urls of.

    Anyone who I havent mentioned in the post is quite welcome to leave me their details in a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

    How’s your course going???

    Your not writing about it on your blog (tut).

    Take care



  4. Hiya Dawn, great post.

    I never realised that wisestamp could add so much. I’ve loaded it up and started using it but really need to have a play around with it. It’s great that you’ve got your picture in there along with your signature.

    Thanks for linking up to my blog and adding the details of some of the other students. I like to get to know people that are doing what I am doing so I’ll head over and pay them all a visit.

    Sally’s coaching really is first class and I know that its going to take us all to a new level.

    Catch you up again soon Dawn, are you up for my challenge?

    I dare you……

    As always
    Respect and Regards,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Challenge: I Am Showing You Mine But Will You Show Me Yours?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Barry

    Yeah I luvvv it…

    But it can be a little distracting playing around with it so if I was you I’d set one up quick and leave the playing around till your not so busy (lol).

    You don’t want Sally kicking you with her size 3′s now do you?????????????????

    ha ha

    Will you stop daring me to do stuff plzzzzzzzzzz cause you know I’m a sucker for a dare…

    I’m not sure on this one though as I haven’t created a video yet and Sally’s not covering it in the course till after your due date.

    Either way you no I’ll shout about it for you…

    Take care

    And hopefully catch you on the webinar on Thursday



  5. Hey Dawn

    Very good post, that lil wisestamp is fab isn’t it, I love all your lil examples too, super cute, love em!

    And look at you with the photo on it too, i thought you was supposed to be shy TUT!

    I dunno why so many people don’t use Gmail, it’s free and fabulous, it just does so much it’s unreal.

    And as we know, you can link all your accounts to one and manage them easily.

    Of course my fav way to get traffic is to blog hop, that’s how I won the MWA comp, blog hop til your fingers bleed and you break your keyboard ha ha.

    Catch ya later,

    Sally x
    Sally recently posted..I’m soooooo proud of my LWS students already!My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Sally

    I don’t mind flashing myself around a bit…

    It’s talking live on webinars I’ve got a problem with (lol).

    Hopefully that problem will go the more I do it…

    Yeah I luvvvv Wisestamp too so thanks for telling us about it and I think it’s a fab way of getting yourself noticed more.

    Expected you to say blog hopping as you are the blog hopping queen after all…

    I’m definitely doing a lot of that but leaving out the till my fingers bleed cause I’m a wuss!

    Take care

    Catch ya later



  6. Hey Dawn,

    I have never heard of that plugin. I will defo be checking it out and using it to its full potential

    She has a lot of knowledge does Sally

    I am also in the process of updating my Fan page as it is not doing very well and needs a little make over!

    Craig Sowerby recently posted..Max Banner Ads PRO PluginMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Craig

    It’s not a plugin it’s a tool that works with your browser and you can get it for chrome, firefox and safari.

    It’s super cool, easy to set up and once you have…

    You can forget about it and let it bring traffic back to your sites.

    Good luck with your makeover and hope your legs better now.

    Take care



    Craig Sowerby Reply:

    Well there you go, just show I know nothing about this

    Doh!!! Plugin so its a tool and it works with Firefox. This has been my favourite browser for some time now.

    Hope it works as I know some of the add ons for Firefox can be a little temperamental

    Thanks again Dawn!
    Craig Sowerby recently posted..Down! But Not OutMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    If you don’t want to use it with Firefox Craig then you can use it with Chrome to.

    That’s what I use and it does a top job.

    Take care



  7. Hi Dawn,

    Thank you SO much for this, it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. I hope Wisestamp has everything i need, i’m tired of looking. Downloading it right now.

    Lynn Sanders recently posted..What Is A Medical Assistant?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Lynn

    Glad you like it and good luck with getting yours set up.

    It can be a little addictive though so try not to spend too much time getting it perfect (lol).

    Take care

    And thanks for popping by



  8. Flashing yourself around a bit – hmmmmm lol.

    You really really REALLY dont sound like you have a problem on the webinars, you sound really natural and calm actually!

    And that was a fab suggestion for a student blog page, just working on it now.

    I think all those lil things like Wisestamp that you bolt onto your business may not have a massive instant effect but they cause tiny little ripples and slowly… together… all those little things can become a big wave!

    Plus like you said… it’s a set n forget, which we always love, lazy things that we are lol.

    C yaaaaaaaaa Sally x
    Sally recently posted..I’m soooooo proud of my LWS students already!My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Ha ha I no your fibbing now because I listened to a replay the other day and I sounded awwwwwwwwwful.

    Put my fingers in my ears I did and then James was trying to take them out so I could hear…..

    May have to get someone else to transcribe my interview for me when I do one (lol)

    Take care



  9. This one looks great and promising! I have never heard of it to be honest. I’ll have to give it a try on my Gmail.

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dawn. You rock!

    Mouh recently posted..These 2 Plugins Will Make Your Content Visually AppealingMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Mouh

    You definitely want to give it a try because its soooo easy to set up and get your links shown.

    Hope you are better now and I haven’t forget about getting your question answered by Randy…

    I’m sure he will be able to help as Randy knows everything about everything lol

    Take care



  10. No problems with the setup so far, Dawn, i’m good at these tech things :) )

    Thanks again!
    Lynn Sanders recently posted..Medical Assistant Career GuideMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Lynn

    Glad you found it easy to set up and thanks for popping by.

    Take care



  11. Hey Dawn!

    I’ve downloaded and tried Wisestamp and it seems to be an awesome tool that I can use when I reply to a subscriber. Thanks! :)

    But I think there is a small drawback when using it directly in our autoresponder. It doesn’t seem to be working even when I am using the HTML message.

    Anyhow its a great tool! Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I wish you to win the Kodak video camera! I am helping you to get more traffic to your blog so I tweet and Facebook and Facebook like this blog post. :)

    What about buying a solo ad? You can get 100+ unique visitors for a small investment..
    Andreas Spyrou recently posted..Identifying Profitable NichesMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Andreas

    I’m glad you’ve started using it and sorry to hear your having problems getting it to work in your autoresponder.

    Which one do you use???

    Anyway, video creation is coming up this week on Learn With Sally so if I get to grips with using Camtasia…

    I’ll do you a video to show you how to do it.

    Thanks for spreading the word for me Andreas…

    Your a star and when me and Sally come over for cocktails on the beach I’ll buy the first round lol

    Take care


    p.s No solo ads allowed as its got to be FREE traffic


  12. Hi Dawn

    Hope you are well.

    Just been chatting to Barry Wells and he said I had to check out your post on Wisestamp.

    Sorry not been around as much as I would be normally but just had 2nd Op on my foot and in plaster…..never had a single injury all my life and 2 in the last 12 months :(

    Anyway :) I will be getting this set up ASAP and make the most of your great tip.

    Sally is doing a great jog and sounds like blast and the results are speaking for them self.

    Sadly also means I will not be at Randys meet ups for a while as well…

    Question. Facebook Fan Pages are now requiring SSL, is there any way around this if you do not have SSL?

    Guys feel free to drop me aline if you have any suggestions, cheers.

    Best Regards

    Zahid :)
    Take It One Step At A Time :)

    P.S. Guys Check Out Barry Wells Guest Post On My Site As Well…A Winner Of Sally Neils…Train With Sally Comp…Barry Also won Dawn’s Comp as well !!

    You Never Know His Luck Might Rub Off On Us As Well…lols :)

    Zahid recently posted..Why I think People Fail Online and How To Avoid It Yourself….My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Zahid

    God you’ve been in the wars a bit recently haven’t you.

    Keep resting that leg of yours and hopefully I’ll catch you at a meet up soon.

    That’s very good of Barry to send you over and I’ll be sure to thank him for it.

    We havent done Facebook fanpages on the course yet…

    Think its coming up in a few weeks so can’t answer that question for you I’m afraid so if you pop back to any of the Learn With Sally students blogs when we’ve covered it I’m sure you’ll find your answer then.

    Take care




    Hi Dawn

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes…been in the wars…hopefully winning soon :)

    One thing after another…lols :)

    I just thought I would mention the Fanpages thing as Facebook is changing things and its going to effect quite a few people quite soon, so might be worth mentioning to Sally :)



    @Dawn Kay,
    zahid recently posted..Why I think People Fail Online and How To Avoid It Yourself….My Profile


  13. Dawn,

    I have not seen Wisestamp before so will definitively be trying it.

    Yes I use social media at the present I use Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I am on Linked but have not really done much with it. I think I like Twitter best only because I have not done much on the others.

    Good luck with your challenge. I will try to stop by a couple more times.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..How To Upload A Video To A Blog PostMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Dee Ann

    You definitely want to check it out Dee Ann as if your on all of those social media sites, you need to get your profiles seen.

    And using Wisestamp is a good way of doing that.

    Plus it also pulls in your blogs rss feed too which I think is fab.

    Thanks for your support and I’ll catch up with you soon.

    Take care


  14. Hey Dawn!

    You welcome. I am just trying to help and build good relationships (a business and a friend relationship – hope your husband dont miss understand this! :P )

    I am using GetResponse.

    Hope to do well with video! Well I am sure you will! I cant wait to watch it! :)

    You are coming with Sally?! Excellent! Hehehe.. Why not! Tell Sally to do a HOT IM seminar in Cyprus with different contents. Ex. who ever gets the most free traffic on blog, makes the most sales for an IM product wins a free airplane ticket, free accommodation and of course free cocktails etc! :)

    Hm.. how does that sound? :) :)

    Take care,
    Andreas Spyrou recently Review. A MEGA Scam RevealedMy Profile


  15. Hi Dawn, great information here, its amazing quite what you pick up just visiting other peoples blogs it’s something that I really should do more of.

    Thanks for the info


  16. I really like what this plugin can do, it’s so amazing and the fact that it is free is a plus for sure. I really hope that you will win that camera since you want it so much. Good luck!


  17. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your information about free tool here.I think this tool is worth to be used.I am willing to download the file to create my signature online.


  18. For me, the social media site that brings in the most traffic is certainly Twitter. Facebook next, and then Google+ already bringing in a good amount of traffic. It’s incredible, really, what social media has the power to do. It can change your entire business!

    I’ve heard of many individuals using Wisestamp. Looks pretty fantastic. I’m pretty happy with the built in signature editor in Outlook, but I’d be willing to test it out.
    Christian Hollingsworth recently posted..I’m Bench Pressing 300 Blog PostsMy Profile


  19. Somebody else told me about Wisestamp the other way so thank you for pointing it out.

    I like the set and forget traffic generators don’t you.

    Good luck in the competition.



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