How To Create Your Own Information Products Fast

Jul 16


I’m sure you already know by now that if you want to make more money online you need to be creating your own information products.

Creating your own products doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming as there are lots of different ways that you can speed up the product creation process.

Here’s six different ways to create your own information products fast:

1. Interview an expert. Find someone in your niche that is knowledgeable about a subject and ask them if you can interview them. You could ask them some questions on Skype, record the interview and then have it transcribed into a text document .

2. Use other peoples articles. Head over to and take a look  at all of the quality articles that you have at your disposal. You will find a wide range of articles on every topic you can think of that you can compile into an ebook. Take about  ten articles that are written to a high standard, write an introduction and a closing paragraph and with only a little effort required on your part, you have an information product that you can sell.

3. Pay someone to create it. If you haven’t got the time to do any of the other suggestions on this list but still would like a product of your own, then why not outsource the whole project. There are many skilled ghostwriters that you could hire on a freelance basis to create it for you. and are good places to start or ask on your favourite forums for recommendations from the other members.

4. Use Private Label Rights content. When you have a product that comes with private label rights  it has already been created for you – so you don’t have to.  You just edit the details as you wish, add your own links inside and put your name on as the author. You can have your own information product online in a matter of hours.

5. Use your blog posts. Don’t just write them and then forget about them. Grab together some of your blog posts that are on a similar subject and compile them together to make an ebook that you could sell or a short report that you can giveaway to build your mailing list.

6. Ask your online friends. If you have been online for a while you probably already know lots of people that would be willing to answer a question for you that you could put into an ebook. Go to your favourite forum and have a good luck round. Is there a copywriter on there, maybe a graphic designer or a ghostwriter. Chances are that there will be many people with many different skills and experiences that would be willing to help you out. Ask one question to ten different forum members and voila, you have an information product of your own created in no time at all.

So there you go…

I’ve just given you six different ways of  creating an information product fast. Now all you need to do is take action and get started.

Take care

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    Excellent post! You have given some valuable information. You make it sound very easy. I can tell you are very knowledgeable. I’m new to internet marketing. I have a great Mentor and he has told me those same things. I truly appreciate great information.

    Much Success,

    Lorina Noble
    Miss Mindset Makeover
    Millionaire Mindset
    Lorina Noble recently posted..Mobile Marketing is Huge! 18 year old Changes the Game!My Profile


    admin Reply:

    Hi Lorina

    Thank you for your nice comments. Good to hear you’ve got a mentor to guide you and I’m sure it wont be too long before we see a product with your name on.

    Warm Regards



  2. Thanks, Dawn, for a great post. You give 6 easy ways that everyone can follow. With these methods, there really is no excuse to get my own information product together in no time!
    Deb recently posted..Better Connection TodayMy Profile


    admin Reply:

    Glad you liked them Deb and thanks for your comments.

    Warm Regards

    Dawn Kay


  3. Hi Dawn,

    I’m pretty new to the internet and thanks to the 100 blog comment challenge i’m getting access to all this fantastic information and meeting so many wonderful people.

    The idea of creating my own product is something that brings me out in a cold sweat. You make it sound so easy. I have a hard drive full of PLR products so once the challenge is over I’m gonna take you advice and have a go at re writing one.

    Thanks for making it so easy



    admin Reply:

    Hi Michelle

    It gets easier as time goes by so your cold sweats will disappear I promise.

    Using Plr as a starting point is a great way to start off and some of the best products online were from Plr so I’d definitely start using some of that Plr on your hard drive if I was you.

    Nice to meet you and good luck

    Warm Regards

    Dawn Kay


  4. Dawn:

    Great post!

    These are great ways to create your own information product. Lately I have seen quite a few people use interviews to create an info product.

    Thanks for the other ideas!

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Business Ethics – Is There Such a ThingMy Profile


  5. Great ideas Dawn!

    I definitely use a few of these ideas myself and know that they personally work. I haven’t made use of EzineArticle’s directory yet but I know their blog has killer information as well which you can put to use.

    Fivrr might also be a great place to shop around for freelancers who need work for only $5. Haven’t tried it but heard that it’s picking up pace. So if you can get something for $5 why not try?

    As for PLR, spinning them into unique content and instilling your own voice might can make them turn into killer information products. I appreciate you compiling this great list of ideas. It definitely has gotten me thinking.

    Thu Nguyen recently posted..How to Keep Up With Production in the Industrial Age of Article MarketingMy Profile


    admin Reply:

    Hi Thu

    Thanks for your tip on Fivrr. I haven’t used it myself yet but I have had a good luck around and was supprised at what you can get done for $5.

    Need to test it out myself first before I recommend it to others but will definitely check it out.

    Thanks for your comments

    Warm Regards

    Dawn Kay


  6. Hi Dawn

    Thanks for sharing. Creating our own information products is one sure way of making money on the Internet. It isn’t as difficult as what many people thought it is. As long as we look around the Internet for resources and tap on what’s available, we’ll have an information product up and running in no time!

    All the best in this blog challenge!

    Vivien recently posted..Five Great Reasons Why you Should be an Internet MarketerMy Profile


  7. Hi Dawn, This topic is one I have close to my heart. There is much information out there that could do with being redone properly and presented again as a fresh product with much more chance of being a success. Great work, keep it up
    Keith Alston recently posted..Holiday Time Again!My Profile


  8. Hello Dawn,
    A great post and very helpful ideas for the many people who often get stuck and almost give up, we’ve all been there and some excellent ideas for getting fresh inspiration. Could have done with reading your post at various times myself.
    Good luck

    Dave Smith recently posted..Your Own Online Business-Build A Niche Blogging Business-Picking A Niche MarketMy Profile


  9. Hi Dawn

    Just popped over from MoreMonthly – I’ve just signed up.
    I thought your post was very information with some excellant tips and very useful advice – thank you.


    Ken Abbott recently posted..The Ultimate BLOGGING Giveaway is closing it’s doors… FINAL CHANCE!My Profile


  10. Hey Dawn

    yeah I wanna interview you but ya wont let me ha ha!

    Hope your enjoying the camping, I miss your emails :(

    Great post, bet anyone can churn out a product after reading your tips.

    Catch you soon, Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Writing Testimonials Benefit You TooMy Profile


    admin Reply:

    Hey Sally how’s that shoulder of yours doing. Hope its not giving you too much grief.

    As for the interview…..

    I walked into that one didn’t I (lol).

    You know how much I hate Skype but once I’ve faced up to my fears you get the first interview I promise.

    But I want to interview you okay (lol).

    Take care



  11. Hi

    When you first start out it seems such a daunting task to write your own ebook but when I started out on mine I chose my topic and then listed what the chapters could be and then it kind of fell into place.
    There is a chapter in my book about how to create your own product so if anyone is interested you can find it at newbieshandbook dot com.

    Good luck in the challenge.

    Take care

    Barbara Harvey
    Barbara Harvey recently posted..How Do You Juggle Your Working At Home Business Life From Your Personal LifeMy Profile


  12. Hi Dawn

    Thats a great guide for any newbie who doesn’t know how to produce their own product.

    I wrote my first ebook before the MC course but you have still given me ideas for writing future ones, thanks for that.


    Bill Murney recently posted..Research- Research- ResearchMy Profile


  13. Hi Dawn -

    What more can I say? You gave a great list of quick products to create! I always feel like we have something that can be repurposed and used for a product (whether its blog posts or articles or whatnot.)

    Great info!

    via the 100 Comment Challenge


  14. Hello Dawn

    Glad to be here, thanks a lot for your post and the six ideas to create products. I confess I like specially the number 5, use your own blog posts. In fact, over the time we get some nice material on our blogs, both from the posts and from the comments.

    It is possible and fun to collect all that material and create a product. I’ll do that for my next challenge.

    Thanks a lot for this idea.


    Jorge Bento recently posted..The earning curveMy Profile


  15. Hi Dawn,
    I am so glad to be involved with the 100 blog challenge I have read many valuable and interesting blogs as a result. Yours is so clear and concise, and up beat too :)
    After the challenge I will be back to read more
    All the best


  16. Hi Dawn
    I like to use your stuff more than once is a great way to go!
    Nice article, I’m doing just that with a series of blog posts as we speak.
    I’m off to complete the challenge!
    Best wishes
    Mike recently posted..Blog Comments Challenge- Using the “Power of Six”…to drive traffic!My Profile


  17. Hi Dawn

    Thank you. Gresat post.

    Writers block is no longer an excuse !!

    And of course, you give us a very good guide when the subject matter gets a touch off piste for our own knowledge. :-)

    Author of ‘Sticky Memory’


  18. Excellent ideas! You make it sound so easy…I guess I should try it out LOL. I’ve got plenty of info in my head…now I just need to get it into an ebook that people want to read.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Patrick Lynch recently posted..The Sea and Where To BeMy Profile


  19. Hi Dawn

    Well, I got here at last :-) I still have around 20 more blogs to visit before the end of the Challenge (I started at the bottom and am working upwards), and only one day left to do it. I’ll have to get my skates on!

    This is a brilliant post and I think you’ve just about done away with any excuse that anyone can come up with for not creating their own product. PLR is my favourite, as long as it is good quality it doesn’t take much tweaking to make it your own.

    Well, I’d better get on if I’m to complete this Challenge. See you over in the Website Wealth Wizards forum.

    Kind Regards


  20. Hi Dawn,
    Great information this what I’ve also learned in John Thornhills Masterclass program and Jacinta should get a pat on the back for putting this challenge together or better yet a Atta Girl Award. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and good to meet you also.
    Take care.
    Enjoy the Challenge.
    Mike Fleming recently posted..100 Blog Comments ChallengeMy Profile


  21. Hi Dawn your post should give quite a few people some good ideas of where/how to start, although I would argue it is not quite as simple as you make it sound and I would be wary not to give people a false impression of this, or you might end up with people thinking ‘just another marketer glossing over the facts to make a buck…’.

    Info products on most subjects are more common than… well, the common cold and with so much high quality stuff coming out all the time it is becoming increasingly important to ‘be a little bit different’ and bring out products that are not just re-hashed/re-badged/re-named standard releases but which bare your own unique mark and allow you to stand out from the crowd… and that takes a lot of effort.

    Remember we have to establish our own unique identity on-line so people will remember us, our products must have their own U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)if we are to stand a chance of making decent sales instead of just bits and bobs, and when the big Guru’s tell us not to worry about the competition…they should add ‘provided you make the effort to establish yourself as a unique marketer with unique products/services’.

    PLR products are great… but there could be hundreds of other marketers using them so they really do need a bit more than just a name/graphic change, spending a few weeks improving and adding to them can give you a unique product no-one else has which could then sell for years to come (and when it gets a bit old and tired you update it to make it current and bang up to date again).

    I hope you find this useful and I wish you the best of luck in your on-line journey.

    Best regards
    Pete Chapman


  22. Hi Dawn,
    This is excellent and you have given me some new tips on creating future products. I love the clear headed approach and the easy steps. Thank you! Stopped by on my 11th hour visit for the 100 comment challenge.
    ElizOF recently posted..Yoga Love- Learn to Add Balance to Your Life…My Profile


  23. Hi Dawn. I sell some PLR products under a different “persona” so to speak. I try to really be careful with the quality though, so if I have to do a lot of clean up and editing to make it right then I bypass it.

    I get more success updating and re-marketing public domain works than PLR. I have used public domain books or articles to jump start an ebook on certain subjects. is loaded with PD works and is easier to navigate by category than Project Gutenberg (, but I’ve always found something to kick start or inject more content into a product with from there.

    Thanks for the other ideas!


  24. Hi, Dawn

    Really good advice about producing a product. This is really a big hurdle when starting out in internet marketing. You’ve done a great job in outlining how to go about it. Something for everyone.

    I’m using PLR at the moment – the creative bit of me is going into this challenge! lol

    Keep writing

    Jennifer recently posted..Internet Marketing Promotions – Step by Step Guide to ContributingMy Profile


  25. Hi Dawn,
    I really need to put some of my old blog posts into an ebook format for a give-away. I have an interesting series that’s just begging to be formatted. Time!!
    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny recently posted..Tough Guy Challenge 2010 Video Highlights featuring Hayley ForsterMy Profile


  26. Hi Dawn,

    This is a good post – short, sweet and straight to the point.
    Have to say I had not thought about using blog posts stitched together.
    Off to look at my blog now.
    Good luck with the Challenge! This should make it 101 comments! :o )

    Dave Whittle recently posted..How To Make Money With PLRMy Profile


  27. Hey Dawn – there are some useful ideas here for pulling together info products quickly and easily. These will work well for freebies for list building.


    Clare recently posted..M&M Candy Couples Costume Red Poncho & Yellow Tank Dress Adult StandardMy Profile


  28. Hi Dawn.

    Just blog hopping and found you. You’re a star. The information you posted here is excellent. Plain English, easy to read and concise. Thanks very much, I will use it. It may get my chaotic mind organised better too.

    My blog is very new, and still finding it’s way (if you visit, you’ll see what I mean).

    If you do come over, look at ‘Chaos’, it may make you smile, especially if you have children. Oh, and look for Gerald too. Not what you expect in rural England.

    Thanks again, I will be back soon.

    Best wishes


    PS. There’s only one ad on my site.
    It’s free, I use it, and it’s brilliant (that’s “awesome” for American readers). Please take a look.
    I do get $3 if you use it, but it’s free to you, so you’d be helping me out too.

    There is another opportunity with it, but the video will explain all.

    Bye from England


  29. Hello! Good post and great information. I’m also utilizing PLR content in my online business and it can be a nifty shortcut. Still a bunch of marketers, particularly those who sell it are inclined to overstate the usefulness. ;) But it’s not anything more than a shortcut – and that’s enough if you ask me – research is already done as are the best topics. Just insert a little of you into the content and you’re ready to go. Keeping that in your mind and you should do OK. :)


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Sharon

    I totally agree Plr should be used as a starting point to save you time. Edit it and put your stamp on it and it can be anything you want it to be.

    Thanks for stopping by


    Dawn Kay


  30. Hm… i really like the interview idea, but it could pose difficulties for new bloggers that don’t have any real authority on the market. Being an expert means you only have so much free time, i doubt you’d want to spend it answering some newbies questions.
    Lynn Sanders recently posted..Medical Assistant Duties – What Does A Medical Assistant Do?My Profile


  31. Hey Dawn, All great information to get started but I think for most people it’s just getting started that hangs them up.

    I think people have a hard time getting an information product or ebook off the ground which is really sad because there are so many really knowledgable and talented people out there that have a lot to offer.

    The other thing is that people have trouble thinking someone will actually pay for information. Boy are they wrong. I’ve made money online in a lot of different business models and creating information products is one of my favorites, not only because it’s easier but it’s lasting.

    All great advice you have,

    Thanks, Liz :-)
    Liz recently posted..How To Create Information Products Online & Rake In The CashMy Profile



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