How To Get Your Audio Transcribed For Free

May 02

As from today I’m going to be giving away free stuff here on my blog to say thank’s for visiting and thank’s for taking the time to comment.

The first thing I’m going to be giving away is my transcription services to the value of $68.11

That’s 60 minutes of your next interview, podcast or webinar that I could be transcribing into text for you for free.

All you need to do to take part is to leave a comment below answering the following questions in as much detail as you can.

  • Do you transcribe your audios yourself or do you pay someone to transcribe them for you and why?
  •  Would you transcribe your own audios if you had a product that showed you how to do it?

I will also be giving away the same prize to the person that I see telling others about this post so all in all there will be 2 lucky winners.

The giveaway starts now and will run until the end of May and I will announce the winners right here on my blog on the 1st June.

Good luck

Dawn Kay


  1. Great Idea Dawn,

    So someone could get an interview (usually easiest done as part of a bonus whewre they can speak to a marketer) – then have you transcribe it and …. hey presto… They have a pdf product they could use to build their own lists!

    A ready made product in the form of a pdf of the interview, and an upsell of the actual recording!

    Talk about getting started!!… I hope you get plenty of people taking you up on this ;)

    RandySmith recently posted..Free Video – Viral Blogs- Lists- Mentors and Meet UpsMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Randy

    Yep. You get everyone else to do the work for you and you get your own product.

    Can’t be bad can it (lol).

    Thank’s for popping by



  2. I agree Randy…there is a built in product here for those that have eyes that see ;)

    I love contests Dawn and I think this is the perfect platform because it works for both sides of the equation.

    First question:
    I have transcribed audios before. Honestly I was never trained so I am not sure I am even doing it right! I think I would enjoy it more if I knew that I was doing it correctly and possibly I could make money with it too ;)

    Second question:
    That’s sort of a two sided question for me ;)
    Yes…I actually would love to take a course teaching me how to transcribe correctly.
    On the other hand, I know how time consuming transcription can be, so it would depend on how much of a hurry I was in as to whether I wanted to do it myself or not.
    But, I would like to know that I was doing it correctly so access to a course would be great.

    So, anyone who wins this as Randy pointed out has a ready made product they can use to add to their list.
    Nice contest Dawn ;)
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..GMail “Undo” Email OptionMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Kathy

    Audio Transcription is a bit like Marmite as you either love it or hate it.

    While one person would rather outsource their transcriptions because they don’t want to spend hours doing it themselves OTHERS would happily transcribe their own audios to save money on transcription services.

    Of course there are ways to speed up the transcription process if you use your equipment properly.

    Thank’s Kathy and thank’s for re-tweeting.



  3. Hey Dawn

    Do you transcribe your audios yourself or do you pay someone to transcribe them for you and why?

    OMG nooooooooooooo I would totally pay someone, and I pay YOU cos your the best at it, I tried it once myself but I was PANTS at it!!!

    Would you transcribe your own audios if you had a product that showed you how to do it?

    Erm again noooooooooo, because transcription is NOT my thing!

    BUT…… I would love such a product to be created then I could simply interview RANDY on his copy writing skills, BUY your training…. ASK Kathy to find me an outsourced worker (give them access to your training) AND hey presto sorted… lol.

    See it’s good to know the experts online,

    Sally :)

    ps. did I win? ha ha.
    Sally recently posted..Essential WordPress Plugins Live – Need Feedback PlzzzzzMy Profile


  4. Hey Misses

    Thank’s for the vote of confidence. It means a lot coming from you cause I know how much of a perfectionist you are.

    Your definitely in with a shout of most detailed answer but I don’t like your idea of you buying my product and giving it to an outsourcer cause you’ll make me redundant and I don’t want to be redundant cause I’ve got to pay for my conservatory(lol).


    If you don’t want to make me cry you could just interview Randy on Copywriting and just pay me to transcribe it for you.


    Speak to you soon misses



  5. Hi Dawn,

    This is my first visit to your blog and Barry Wells gave me the nudge to come over as you are giving away some free transcribed services.

    Which I will be wanting in the future for a product I am creating. Some interviews with SEO experts. My first one is over at my blog, with more in the pipeline.

    So do you transcribe your audios yourself or do you pay someone to transcribe them for you and why?

    I will be paying for them to be done as it would take me way way too long to do myself and it is just another aspect to learn. As I need to stop learning and earn more!

    My skills are better put into other Marketing Techniques.

    Would you transcribe your own audios if you had a product that showed you how to do it?

    Possibly, but as I said above just another learning curve where you could get it done far quicker and in a more professional manner by someone who knows what they are doing! (LIKE YOURSELF!!)




  6. Hi Craig

    I no what you mean. There’s only so much learning you can do and sometimes it stops you from going out there and earning some money if your not careful.

    Thank you for answering my questions and I’ll be announcing the winners at the end of the month.

    Good look with your interviews



  7. Hi Dawn, I was here the other day reading this post but had to rush off to help my mum. I then remembered that Craig has an excellent interview with John S Rhodes on his blog and thought I could put the two of you together on your offer ;) I’m glad to see that he made it over here.

    As for myself Dawn, I haven’t done any interviews yet :( and to be honest with you, with things being so stressfull off line this year I’m falling well behind on my plans…..but as Randy says plans in sand goals in stone ;) so i will catch up on them as and when my situation allows it.

    Back to your post: It really is a fantastic offer Dawn and people only need to read Sally’s comment to see the potential of it. I was just reading another post that said about the same method being the easiest way to create an original product. I left a comment pointing people here Dawn, every little helps :lol:

    I’ve just noticed that you have my blog listed under Other Good Blogs, that’s very kind of you Dawn and very much appreciated :)

    Back soon Dawn,
    Respect and Regards, Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..List Building Is The Backbone To Any BusinessMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Barry

    Sorry to hear your having problems offline and I hope your mum is okay.

    Yeah an audio interview is one of the fastest ways to get your own product online because all you have to do is ask the questions (lol).

    Your expert will do most of the talking and then the transcriptionist transcribes into text for you.

    I’m not confident enough yet to do an interview myself but it’s on my list of the fears I want to face so I’ll just stick with the transcribing them for now (lol).

    Thank’s for your support sending people my way and I’m always happy to send people to yours as there’s always good content on it that will help people.

    Take care



  8. Hi Dawn
    that’s a very generous offer to the lucky winner. I haven’t transcribed any audios as yet, but I plan on doing some this year as I’m creating several products. I would not attempt to do it myself as it would take far too much of my time, and going by the great reports of your service I think it’s great value having it “done for you”.
    PS Barry Wells referred me over here..
    Regards, Keith.


  9. Hi Dawn,
    Strange as it may sound …I was told that the best way to start my IM business was to give away free products or services…you have just show me that process in action.

    I have not and can’t see me needing your services in the near future … but things do change.
    So to answer your questions…no have not done it.
    and as I do not have plans to do audio soon will not.
    However if I did then I would rather pay you to do it(you come well recommended):-) as time is very limited.

    God to know you are around.

    Bryan McHeyzer recently posted..Build Any Business!My Profile


  10. Hi Keith

    You sound busy.

    I hope you’re not creating them all at the same time (lol).

    Good luck with your product creation. Let me know how you get on and thank’s for popping by.

    Take care



  11. Hi Dawn

    This is a great idea offering your services as a introduction to your business.

    It is still one of the simplest ways to create a unique product.

    Look forward to seeing you at Randys meet:)

    While I am here……….

    I am not sure if you know Michele Welch of newbizblogger.. she provides Internet Entrepreneurs with step by step Online Business Tips & Training. She is doing a great guest post on my site about social media sites on 25th May…so worth a read.



    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Zahid

    Looking forward to meeting you too and don’t forget to leave your camera at home so there’s
    no drunk pictures all around the net (lol).

    Will pop over to your blog and have a look when I’ve got a minute.

    See you at Randy’s meet up



  12. Hi Dawn,
    I generally hire someone to do the transcriptions for me.It just is a very messy thing to do manually.I would surely do it if you have a product that effective which can save both time and money.
    Shivam Garg recently posted..TypePad Discount CodeMy Profile


  13. Hi Dawn,
    Nice post.But it looks that I missed the opportunity.
    waterpearls recently posted..BedBug Coupon CodeMy Profile


  14. When’s the next freebie planned, Dawn? Wouldn’t wanna miss that one.
    Martin recently posted..How to Start a Truck Driving Training School BusinessMy Profile



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