How To Record An Audio Podcast Using Audacity

Feb 17

Hi everyone,

In today’s post I’m going to show you how easy it is to record an audio podcast using Audacity.

You will need a microphone plugged in and a script in front of you on what you want to talk about.

Once you have those in place then we can begin…  

 1. Download your recording software

I use Audacity because it’s so easy to use and is free . Head over to and click on the download link and save it to your desktop.

2. Download your MP3 encoder plug-in

You will need it to export your audio into an Mp3 file. Click on the Download button at the top of the page.  Then look on the left hand side and click on Windows.



Go down to Optional Downloads and the one you want is the LAME MP3 Encoder. Click on it to download it to your computer.


 3. Open up Audacity

Click on the Audacity icon on your desktop or if it’s not there, look in your list of programs on your computer.                              

 4. Start recording

When you are ready to record, click on the round circle button to begin. Wait 2 – 3 seconds after pushing the record button before you speak to allow for any intro music if you want to add some later.


When you stop talking, wait 2 – 3 seconds, then click on the square button to stop. 


Your recording will look something like the one below. It will look a little different if you have zoomed in but normally, the thick horizontal line that goes across the screen is the background noise. It should be thin. The blue spikes are the words spoken, and the tall thin spike and the short one to the right are clicks.


5. Check your recording

Click on the green arrow button to listen to what you’ve just recorded. If it doesn’t start playing straight away then place your cursor at the beginning of the clip and press the play button. Any editing out can be done in the next step.


6. Edit out your background noise

If you have background noises in your audio, now is the time to take them out. We take out the clicks with the cut and silencing tools.   Zoom in to the section you want editing by clicking view and then Zoom in.


After you have zoomed in, highlight the section you’d like to remove and use the cut or silence button to remove the section. 




Once you are happy with your recording then you can save it.

7. Save your recording

Click on file, then go down to the Save Project As to save to your computer. Always save an original copy of your audio as it makes it easier when you want to go back and edit it again.


After you’ve saved your original copy, you can then save it as an Mp3.

  • Click on the export option 

  • Add your metadata 

  • Click okay

  • Give your audio a name

  • Select Mp3 as the type.

And that’s it you’re done…

You can download a free Pdf version of How To Record An Audio Podcast Using Audacity by clicking here.

And if you would like your podcast transcribed into text for you to make your podcast more search engine friendly, why not let me transcribe it for you.

Visit my website at for more details.

Happy podcasting

Dawn Kay


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  1. Hi Dawn, that’s a really useful guide. I tried Audacity last year and found it really easy to use, although I had a huge problem with a background ‘buzz’ I couldn’t get rid of. Sadly no one on the forum could work out why it did it either, they came to the conclusion it must be something to do with my computer. I had hoped to use it though, shame really.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Good Luck or just a coincidenceMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Mandy

    Did you edit the background noises out using the tools in Audacity?They get rid of most noises.

    It may of been something simple like your computer was too near something or even your microphone.

    Give it another go and see if it works now and if you need any help with it get in touch and I’ll take a look for you.

    Nice to see you over here and looking forward to meeting you at Randys booze up…

    I mean meet up (lol)



  2. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for publishing this very useful post. I have often wondered how create an MP3. I will download Audacity this weekend and give it a try. Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us in such a simple step-by-step way.

    Best wishes,
    Ian Douglas recently posted..The Dark Side Of Internet MarketingMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Ian

    Make sure you do give it a go because it’s really easy to use and a good product format for people on the go.

    Thank’s for popping by



  3. Hye Dawn

    Fabulous, your my goto girl for when I start a podcast now!

    Really need to get ya doing videos to accompany your written guides, then you can kick ass on youtube too!

    Audacity is a fab lil free program I used to use it a long time ago for my ebook sales page audio, simple to use and does the trick!

    Sally x
    Sally recently posted..38 Year Old Webinar Virgin Seeks Experienced PartnerMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Sally

    I’m learning how to use Camtasia so that I can do videos to accompany the tutorials but it’s a bit hard and it fry’s my brain.

    Not that there’s much of a brain to fry (lol).

    Regarding podcasting…

    Can’t I do something before you for a change (lol).

    Take care



  4. Hi Dawn,

    I like this post as I have been avoiding doing podcasts. None of us like to hear ourselves!

    However, you have pushed me into it now so I have no more excuses :)


    Dave Whittle recently posted..Are You Using RSSMy Profile


  5. Hi Dave

    I know what you mean and that’s what was putting me off at first but once you practice a few times it’s not so bad – honest.

    Go on give it a try as you may even enjoy doing them.

    Good luck if you do decide to do one and don’t forget to let me know so I can have a listen.




  6. Hey Girl!
    How very cool! I love this step by step for Audacity! I am gonna have to check it out this weekend. I didn’t know it was so easy!

    I tend to get discouraged when I am trying to learn something new because the videos go too fast or I have questions I need to ask and have to google the answers and I just give up!

    This just seems so easy!!

    See, now I am gonna have to at least try it (and hope Randy doesn’t chew me out for lack of focus, haha!)

    BTW, your blog looks great, very cool set up you have here! Love it!

    Thanks again, girl! :)

    Lisa recently posted..Are You Making Internet Marketing A Better PlaceMy Profile


  7. Hi Lisa

    Don’t you be loosing your focus girl or Randy will be cracking that whip and giving you a hard time (lol).

    Seriously now…

    When you have got some spare time which is probably never with all those kids of yours…

    Give it a try and if you have any problems or questions for that matter, just give me a shout.

    I’ve been testing out Audacity for a while now for a new podcast blog I’m setting up.

    But only try it if it will be useful to you and fits in with your current project.

    Glad you like my blog and see you in the IMA forum

    Take care



  8. Very informative post on how to use audacity for audio podcast. Super easy and simple to follow through your steps.


  9. Dawn,

    I have been contemplating recently how to do a podcast but had not looked into it yet. Am glad I came across your blog as now I don’t have to research it.

    I like that you have made a PDF available as I like to print off my instructions so I can have them in front of me when I am doing something the first time.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Information Overload And Getting Traffic To My BlogMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Dee

    I’ve done some podcasts as tests but haven’t done it consistently yet. If you need any help when you do start one, just give me a shout.

    I always find it easier to work from when I’ve got the instructions in front of me so I’m glad you like the pdf’s.

    Take care



  10. Hi Dawn

    Hope you are well.

    Great instructions on how to use Audacity to record your very own podcast…simple and easy to follow.




    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Zahid

    I’m glad you liked them and it’s nice to see you over here.

    Thanks for popping by.



  11. this guide is very easy to understand. with your post Dawn, for sure people who want to record audio podcast finally found a solution to their problems.


  12. Doesn’t Windows already have some kind of audio recorder installed by default? Never used it, but i ran into it a couple of times. I believe it saves .wav files, don’t really know if it also does mp3. If it does, it would be a better choice simply because you wouldn’t have to download another program.
    Martin recently posted..How to Become a CDL InstructorMy Profile


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