Spotlight On My Fab iTunes Reviewers

Dec 11

Spotlight on my fab iTune reviewers

I’ve been searching all over the place for a PLUGIN that let’s me REWARD the people that left a review on my Experts Let Rip Podcast


But can I heckers like find one (lol)




I thought it would  fun to SHOUT out 3 of their blog posts instead, the ones that I think will HELP you the most…


Just my way of saying thanks for taking time out and leaving a review!


So here’s my fab iTune reviewers…


Spotlight on Sally Neill


  Sally Neill from



United We Brand Divided We Fall :

I loved this post because it ooozed RELATIONSHIP BUILDING tips and came with a powerful message  that you don’t have to go it alone online…

We’re all in the same boat and TOGETHER we can help each other SUCCEED to reach our goals!

Was also the first post that ever made me CRY ha ha (How sad am I)


Five Commandments Of Blog Hopping : 

Fab post from Sally on what to DO and what NOT to do when your leaving a comment on other peoples blogs…

If you are a blogger who wants to create a GOOD impression  to guarantee your comment doesn’t end up in the TRASH…

Then you really need to check out this post below…


How To Create An Ebook Cover In 5 Minutes :

If you fancy creating your own ECOVERS but don’t know how, then go check out this video NOW…

This STEP by STEP guide will have you spitting out ECOVERS like theres no tommorrow, SAVING you a heap of cash too.

A Definite MUST watch, so check it out below…



Spotlight on Ian Ieba


Ian Ieba from



Social Networks And Security Issues And How To Avoid Them :

Really informative post from Ian on how to PROTECT your social networking accounts from hackers and naughty people.

Loved this post because everyone tells you you NEED to get on these sites, but no one tells you how to protect yourself from the SECURITY ISSUES that come with being on them!

Definite MUST read in my opinion so check it out below…


Learn With Sally – Building Solid Traffic Foundation :

In this post Ian explains the BENEFITS of having a presence on ALL of the top social media sites and how you can use them to drive TRAFFIC back to your blog on AUTOPILOT.

So check it out below…


Taking Action And Specific Steps Leading To Your Goals :

So many people have goals but they don’t have a PLAN of action to help them ACHIEVE them…

In this post Ian shows you how to plan for SUCCESS and how to stay away from the pitfalls and DISTRACTIONS that will STOP you from achieving your goals.



Spotlight on Terry Dollard


Terry Dollard from



Niche Blogs Make Money :

Really good post from Terry here on how you can make money with NICHE blogs.

From what you NEED to do to get started to the importance of getting some OFF-SITE seo in place to get peoples eyes on YOUR pages…

Check it out below!


Can’t Think Of Anything To Write :

We all suffer from WRITERS block at some stage and can’t THINK of what to write about…

In this post Terry shows you 7 FAB ways to come up with CONTENT for your blog posts!

So check them out inspiration below…



Niche Market Plr :

Get a peak inside Terry’s new Niche Market Plr site that he’s doing with Randy Smith, a MUST for anyone wanting to make money with NICHE blogs…

What I really LIKE about this is it’s push button stuff and doesn’t take a long TIME to set up…

It also comes with a built in AFFILIATE program so you can get affiliates PROMOTING your niche sites too!

How cool is that …


So a BIG thank you to Sally Neill to Ian Ieba and to Terry Dollard for leaving me a review.

And if you would like to leave me a REVIEW then here’s a QUICK video below showing you how…



So do you know of a plugin that will REWARD my iTunes reviewers???


Let me know by leaving a comment below!


Take care



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  1. I don’t know of a plugin, Dawn. You know me, extremely non-techie! However, I do think this is a grand way of repaying the kindness.

    Enjoy the journey.



    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Mandy

    You always say that and I don’t believe ya ha ha…

    Well it’s the least I could do as I’m grateful they left me a review.

    Have a fab day misses

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Randy Smith Interview – Your Questions AnsweredMy Profile


  2. Hey Chick

    Many thanks for the shout out, super kind of ya!

    I have never left a review on a podcast before but it’s a kinda simple process if you follow the steps you detailed in your fab video, cuts out the learning curve that I had lol.

    Now that I have learned it I shall be able to leave reviews on other podcasts I like so thats pretty cool :)

    Cant wait for the next episode of your podcast, wonder who it will be???? Tell me tell me lol.

    Sally x
    Sally recently posted..I’m still climbing the ladder of success, are you?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Misses

    I’m a super kind person ha ha…

    Lovely of you to take time out from your soooo busy schedule to leave me a review anyway.

    Who’s up next?????

    Not telling ya ha ha

    I had a major problem picking your best blog posts because I could of picked them all…

    So I went with the ones that I liked the best!

    Hope you’ve had a fab time at snowboarding and can’t wait to see the pics.

    Catch ya later

    Dawn Kay recently posted..My First In Front Of Camera Video And An Exclusive Bonus From SallyMy Profile


  3. Hi Dawn…
    I can’t help you with the plug in…
    I do want to congratulate you for taking the time to shout out those that have taken time for you!

    But, in my opinion you’re already one of the best at that ;)

    Great posts you chose and when you think about it…with all that education, you can go from and idea to using PLR to creating an ebook and cover and protecting the whole process…

    You’ve covered it all…
    I need to get over and listen to your podcast…:)
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..7 Links Challenge…A Stroll Through Memory LaneMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Kathy

    Awww thanks and yeah you could do couldn’t you and it would save someone buying a product on it…

    They was good enough to go and leave a review for me so it’s the least I could do!

    I was just touched that they took time out to do it because I know they’re all busy beavers.

    Hope you are well

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Small Lists Can Get Results Too…YayyyMy Profile


  4. Hi Dawn

    Thank you so much for the shout out; you are a real star. What you have done here Dawn beats any plugin hands down and I really appreciate it.

    I must admit it was the first Podcast review I had done so it was a great learning curve for me; so not only have you given me a great shout out but you also provided an education as well … brilliant!

    And your video on how to leave a Review was first class Dawn … I have saved it in case I forget! You know like I misplace emails addresses! ;)

    Already looking forward to your next Podcast in the series Dawn and I have mine lined up for next year as well to continue my Interview series.

    Thanks again Dawn, and I repeat you’re a true star! :)

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian x
    Ian Ieba recently posted..Take The Road Not Taken – Try Something New!My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Ian

    Your welcome matey and thanks again for leaving me a review…

    It was very good of you and I’m very grateful.

    Glad you liked the video and try not to loose it because I know what your like ha ha.

    Have a fab christmas Ian and all the best for 2012…

    I think its gonna be a good one.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..If My Kids Can Do It So Can IMy Profile


  5. Hi Dawn,

    Sorry on 2 counts: I don’t know of any plugins to help you and I don’t have an itunes account :(

    That’s a great way of showing your gratitude though, but like Kathy said you’re a great shout out sharer anyway…. Yes you’ve still got the crown ;)

    Good to see you’re creating more videos and i hope to see many more still nudge nudge ;) ;)

    I also agree with kathy on the choices of posts to include in the post, people can make products quite easily from them alone (and of course some good ol’ fashion work).

    I may have to set up an itunes account just to shout your work out ;)

    Take care mate,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Innovate Take The Road Not Taken And Try Something NewMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Barry

    No plugin and no iTunes account well that just aint good enough (lol)

    You’ve got to go out and get one otherwise Ian will pinch my top shout out sharer spot ha ha

    Thanks matey, the posts are fab aren’t they and will help a lot of people and the best part is they’re are FREE…

    Have a lovely christmas Barry and hope 2012 brings you everything you want.

    Take care matey

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Facing More Fears And What Do You Want To Know More About?My Profile


  6. Looks like we are all striking out with help on a plug-in Dawn. Sorry about that, I haven’t heard of one either but in all honesty, I haven’t been in search of one either.

    Congratulations on the podcast for one thing and you did a fabulous job of highlighting Sally, Ian and Terry. I know they are very appreciative of your giving them this time and praise here in your post.

    Great video of walking us through how to do this and I also admit, I’ve never left a review on iTunes either. See, I’m still learning so many new things. Will have to be sure and check it out.

    Great job Dawn and enjoyed seeing their posts. Will have to be sure to read them all.

    Adrienne recently posted..Crucial Steps Before Upgrading WordPressMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Adrienne

    I don’t think there is a plugin to be honest…

    I’ve asked Terry who is my plugin guy and he’s gonna look into it and see if he can come up with one so I’ll keep you posted.

    I’m getting better at the videos aren’t I and you was right, it does get easier with every one.

    Merry christmas Adrienne and all the best for 2012

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Sally Neill – What Would You Do Differently And Why?My Profile


  7. Dawn,

    I am with everyone else and do not know of a plugin you could use.

    I am also sorry I did not go and leave you a review yet.

    I guess I have to get an iTunes account. My kids all have accounts and I have a hard enough time keeping up with what they are doing. I am always having to straighten my sons account out. Amazing how he can mess things up.

    I will go out and get me an account though then I can leave you a review.

    Thanks for the great video showing how to leave the review. I always like videos because then I can really see what I am suppose to do.

    Great post Dawn.

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

    Dee Ann Rice
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Merry ChristmasMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi DeeAnn

    Good luck on keeping up with your kids then because I can’t (lol)…

    They are always into something different and it’s hard to keep up.

    I’m glad you liked the video DeeAnn and if you do find some time to leave a review then that would be fab.

    Hope you had a lovely christmas and all the best in 2012.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Spotlight On My Fab iTunes ReviewersMy Profile


  8. Hey Dawn – long time no chat! What you been up to?

    Hope you are having a fun time with your Christmas festivities.

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any plugin for iTunes reviews, but sounds like something that could be of good use :) I don’t have a use for iTunes, unless maybe I am missing something and thinking I am!

    If I don’t talk to you before the New Year – hope you have a happy, safe and prosperous 2012.

    Linda recently posted..Merry Christmas – My First LIVE Video PostMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Linda

    Long time – no see!

    How you doing misses and hope you had a lovely christmas.

    No need for iTunes are you mad(lol. iTunes’s got an alexa rank of 26 and gets sooooo many people on there looking for information…

    That’s what I’ve been up to, getting my blog in iTunes radar (lol)

    Thanks Linda and you have a good one too. Will pop over your blog soon and check out your new video post.

    Take care and happy new year


    It’s like a mini google!
    Dawn Kay recently posted..Free GiftsMy Profile


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