Who’s pinning your blog posts on Pinterest?

Mar 21

Who's pinning your blog posts on Pinterest?

Have you ever wandered about who’s pinning your BLOG posts on Pinterest ???

I have ( cause I’m a bit nosey like that ) lol

Plus I do like to see who’s sharing my posts so I can THANK them if I can!

Sooooooooo …

I went searching and I found a really QUICK way of finding out WHO has so I’ve shot a video below showing you how…



It doesn’t show ya who’s re-pinning your posts but it DOES show you who’s pinning your posts right from your BLOG…


Which is always good to KNOW don’t ya think?


So a big thank you to the LOVELY people below for pinning my posts…


Sally Neill

Julie Dunlop

Adrienne Smith

DeeAnn Rice

Valentine Belonwu


And if you’ve got any fab Pinterest tips that you’d like to share, then let

us know in the comments below!


Take care


And I’ll catch ya soon




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  1. Hey Dawn,

    That’s a great idea.

    Thank you for the mention and your very welcome for pinning you :-)

    I put them up initially as a reference for me, so I’m not all over the place looking for things. And those interviews are great.

    Anyway, nice one Dawn
    Julie recently posted..Tips Promoting Products as an Affiliate #3My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Julie

    Your welcome on the shout out misses and I’m glad you enjoyed the interviews…

    I do requests ya know (ha ha) so if there’s any topic you would like to know more about let us know and I’ll find an expert to ask…

    Thanks Julie and I’ll see you over at yours soon.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Is your blog Pinterest friendly?My Profile


  2. Hi Dawn,

    This looks really handy but when did you shoot the video? I ask because I have pinned every post in the video blog challenge including your 2 video posts (prior to this one) so I wonder why they didn’t show up, unless of course the video was made before the I set up on Pinterest?

    Thanks for showing us anyway, it does look handy so I’ll have a look and see if anyone is pinning mine so I can go thank them, which in turn will encourage them to do it again :)

    I’ve added your details to the video blog challenge page on my blog.

    Take care, Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..The Video Blog ChallengeMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hi Barry

    I did the video on Wednesday the same day I put the post up…

    It only shows the pins that have been pinned right from my blog though so if you repinned from someone elses board than that wouldn’t show up I’m afraid.

    Thank you for pinning my posts and yep it does encourage people to pin!

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Spotlight On My Fab iTunes ReviewersMy Profile


  3. Oh yeah, I pinned your blog girl so thanks for that shout! I have a board of my favorite blogs and you’re on that list.

    I learned this little trick just on Monday from my guest blogger. I had no idea I could see who pinned my boards so I thought that’s a neat little trick there. Now I need to go back and thank everyone.

    Great video Dawn and people are going to LOVE learning this from you.

    Appreciate the mention once again and enjoy the rest of your week!

    Adrienne recently posted..My Secret Twitter StrategyMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Adrienne

    No problem on the mention and thank you for always shouting out my posts, your always so good at that…

    Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference dont you think and I just felt that it would be rude of me not to thank the people that are lovely enough to share my stuff!

    See you at your place soon misses and have a fab day!

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Keith Purkiss Interview – Giveaway Event Contributor TipsMy Profile


  4. Hey Dawn,

    I feel educated :-D

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    I do have a confession. I don’t have a Pinterest account. I will get one, but were does it all end? Social sites seem to becoming an abundance with FB, Twitter, G+, in, and more, and now this.

    We will have a sidebar full of social networking icons soon :-D

    Thanks for sharing. I will open an account and Pin your blog.

    Dan Sumner recently posted..St Patricks Weekend CelebrationsMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey Dan

    God I know what you mean and it’s hard to keep up…

    But since Pinterest is referring MORE traffic than Google Plus, You Tube and LinkdIn combined, it’s kind of hard to ignore…

    Maybe if you haven’t got time to have a presence on there then you could just make sure your blog is Pinterest friendly so people can share your blog posts.

    I did a quick video last week showing you how here…


    Least then you can take advantage of some free traffic from Pinterest.

    Thanks for popping by

    Dawn Kay recently posted..How To Transcribe Your Audio Interviews Into TextMy Profile


  5. Hey Chick,

    Thanks for the shout out, I only set up my account after watching your last video, I do like pinterest not just for marketing stuff, lots of cool mini car stuff too lol.

    I love your videos, always short, sweet n straight to the point, not filled with a lot of fluff no one needs.

    Pinterest is very powerful I think, can already see a lot of potential for it, so thanks for introducing me to it.

    Catch ya later Sally :) xx
    Sally recently posted..I’m still climbing the ladder of success, are you?My Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    Hey misses

    Yep I noticed a lot of cool mini pickys on your board so don’t you be wasting too much time on there or I’m coming to kick your butt…

    (will make a change from you kicking mine) lol

    I do like to keep them to the point because people are busy and they don’t wanna have to listen to a load of waffle before they get to the gold nugget bits!

    And no probs on the shout out because I’m on catch up for ALL of the shout outs you’ve given me…

    Have a fab Sunday and I’ll catch ya on Skype tommorrow for my butt kicking.

    Toodle oooo (ha ha)

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Facing More Fears And What Do You Want To Know More About?My Profile


  6. That’s strange then Dawn, I worked through the list of everyone’s posts and pinned them all directly from their blogs to give everyone an additional backlink ;)

    Maybe it takes time to catch up Dawn because I’ve just checked again and it is now displaying one of the three that I’ve pinned.

    Repin? For the video blog challenge board… never :lol:

    Have a good weekend mate :cool:
    Barry Wells recently posted..Using Free Software To Record Your PowerPoint PresentationsMy Profile


    Dawn Kay Reply:

    It must take a few days to show up then Barry. At least they do show up that’s the main thing!
    Dawn Kay recently posted..Learn With Sally Neill Coaching BonusMy Profile


  7. Hey Dawn,

    That is really a great idea. I am new to pintrest and haven’t really felt like dealing with it yet as I have enough going on as it is. I will definitely have to check this out though.

    Another great job on your video!

    Take care,

    Jeremy Ruggles recently posted..Free Instructional Videos – Barry’s Video ChallengeMy Profile


  8. Hi Dawn,

    That’s very interesting. I’ve got to add a pinterest button on my blog yet. So much to do, everyday, I haven’t got to that yet. Definitely have to, now that more and more people have one.

    Recently I’ve read a blog post about pinterest that scared me so much that I’ve removed most the links with a picture that I wasn’t 100% sure of as far as being OK with their rules and regulations.

    Thanks for this great infor :)
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..What are The Two Main Writing Motivators Of The Online MarketerMy Profile


  9. Dawn,

    Thanks for that bit of information. Something else I did not know how to do.

    I should really go and comment more often as I am learning all kinds of stuff today.

    I always like to see who is shouting out my blog.

    Thank you so much for giving my blog a shout out in your video.

    Great video and very easy to follow.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..Monitor Your Pinterest StatsMy Profile


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