3D-Micromac receives order for multiple systems

The unnamed customer will install the new microMIRA systems in pilot- and production lines at its LED chip factory in Asia.

MicroLEDs have the potential to revolutionize the display industry. Potential applications include very large displays for indoor and outdoor use, as well as high-resolution displays for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) wearable devices.

However, the microLED fabrication process is much more complex than LCD and OLED manufacturing, and faces several challenges that must be overcome before microLEDs can be vastly technical available in the mass market. Among these challenges is detaching and transferring the processed microLED chips from the donor or growth substrate (for example sapphire) to an intermediate substrate for subsequent testing without damaging the expensive growth substrate, allowing it to be repurposed for future use – which the microMIRA system addresses .

“This multiple system order is a testament to our ability to provide innovative and efficient laser micromachining solutions for industrial applications serving both mature and emerging markets. It also represents an important milestone for 3D-Micromac as we continue to expand our product offerings and into To date, 3D-Micromac has sold more than 10 laser processing systems for microLED applications, including our industry-benchmark microMIRA laser-lift-off system as well as our recently introduced microCETI™ micromachining platform,” says Uwe Wagner, CEO of 3D-Micromac, in the press release.

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