7 Reasons I Love Walmart+

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As someone who dislikes shopping, it comes as a surprise how much I appreciate my Walmart+ membership.

Key points

  • Benefits like home grocery delivery, free streaming service, and free shipping offset the price of a Walmart+ membership.
  • A Walmart+ membership can free up valuable time.

Like my mother before me, I dislike shopping. In-person, that is. Everything — from throngs of people, to shopping carts with wobbly wheels — work my nerves. And that leads me to a number of reasons I love Walmart+.

1. Home groceries delivery

For $12.95 per month (or a discounted annual rate of $98), I can place orders for groceries and have them delivered directly to my home. Someone else (bless them) deals with the crowds and wonky shopping cart wheels. And after using Walmart+ for more than a year, I can say the orders are remarkably accurate.

If the shopper finds something I’ve ordered is out of stock, they text me and ask if a substitution is okay or if I would rather skip that item altogether. I typically go to the front door as groceries are being delivered to thank the driver and have been met with nothing but professionalism.

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Score one for Walmart+ shoppers and delivery drivers.

Quick note: I make it a habit to tip well. After all, these folks take on a task I loathe and frankly, probably do a better job than I would have. I want them to feel appreciated and to thank them for shopping so I can have a couple more hours per week to work.

2. Free streaming service

I’m not ashamed to admit that my husband and I love streaming services. We became obsessed during the pandemic. What I am a bit embarrassed to admit is that I have a small notebook filled with series and movies we would like to watch one day — 99% of which are available only on streaming.

Since we have a Walmart+ membership, we don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee for Paramount+. That’s because membership gives us free access. It may only be worth $6 or so a month, but that’s six more dollars that remains in our bank account.

3. Free shipping

I may not enjoy finding a parking space and walking into a crowded store, but I am all about online shopping. With Walmart+, I never have to pay for shipping. My orders don’t typically arrive as quickly as Amazon Prime purchases, but that’s okay. I can wait an extra day or two.

Another cool thing about buying from Walmart+ online is that the company keeps close contact. It lets you know if there’s a problem with your order (since they use a great number of third-party vendors and cannot always control shipping issues). It also provides up-to-date tracking information.

A few years back, we moved into a new house and needed all new living room furniture. After all the other work we were paying to have done, I was stressed about how much we would have to pay for furniture. Unfortunately, I fell absolutely in love with two chairs from a high-end furniture store. I made a note of the manufacturer and style, and, out of curiosity, searched online to see if I could find a lower price.

I was surprised to find the same chairs at Walmart. It was the same manufacturer and exact same style. The only difference was, each chair cost hundreds of dollars less than the chairs sitting in a showroom.

4. Member prices on fuel

Given the current price on gasoline, I’m always examining ways to save money on fill-ups. One of the easiest ways to score a discount is to take advantage of the Walmart+ perk that allows you to pay up to $0.10 less per gallon on purchases made at Mobile, Exxon, Murphy, and Walmart gas stations.

5. Scan and Go

Here’s what stands between me and total despair when I need to stop by the Walmart store less than one mile from our house: Scan & Go. As long as the Walmart mobile app is on my smartphone, I can scan the UPC code for items I want to buy as they find their way to my shopping cart. Not only can I skip the (perpetually) long lines, the app provides me with a running total of how much I’ve spent.

When I’m done shopping, I go through self-checkout, scan the QR code on my phone, and pay. It’s possible to pay using payment information stored in the Walmart wallet, but I haven’t tried that just yet.

6. Spotify access

A perk I have not taken advantage of is free six months of Spotify Premium, the ad-free version of the music streaming service. At a regular price of $10 per month, that’s a $60 value.

7. Early access

While I would rather enjoy a daily root canal than shop in-store for the holidays, my spouse loves the rush that comes with crowds and “digging for deals.” I’m happy to let him have it. Walmart makes it easy for Walmart+ members by providing early access to deals, including Black Friday promotions.

As someone who regularly tweaks their monthly budget, I frequently examine whether it makes sense to spend nearly $13 a month on a Walmart+ membership. For me, the answer is yes. If membership offered nothing more than free grocery shopping and delivery, it would be worthwhile for me. All the other benefits are just cherries on the top.

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