Angels in the Attic hosts fundraiser for Christmas Assistance Program

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — Most people don’t make their Christmas lists or shop for presents until the calendar flips to December, but for some in Michiana, the holiday craze begins in September.

“We still have so many days between now and Christmas that we’ll have new victims and families that are in need of help,” says Kristine Kuroski, founder of Angels in the Attic.

The local nonprofit Angels in the Attic supports women and children who struggle financially after leaving abusive situations. Donors can sign up to adopt a family or simply donate money that goes towards putting presents under the trees because for them, Christmas can be stressful, rather than cheerful.

“We have moms and children we help all year, and at the end of the year they have the chance to fill out an application. It requires the mom to be working but still not making ends meet, struggling, so we’re going to provide Christmas for her kids and herself this year,” Kuroski explains. “We’re not getting moms that write in asking for the play station or the bike for their kids, we’re getting moms who need winter coats and boots.”

It’s more than just gifting toys to children but making sure they and their parents can enjoy Christmas without worrying whether or not they can put food on the table too.

“Somebody helped me for Christmas and then my kid had everything, but my child wanted to know like ‘Why didn’t Santa come for mom?’, so I’m very strong about making sure moms have something too,” says Kuroski. “As a parent, you want to give your kids the world so when you’re in that spot of buying groceries or getting gifts, it’s a tough choice.”

By adopting a family, you can gift the joy of a traditional Christmas and help a child believe in the magic of Santa.

“I think everybody wants to know for Christmas that what they’re doing is really getting to the people who need it, and it’s in their community, and they’re helping and they’re making a difference,” Kuroski says. “So, we love the opportunity that we get to present to the community to join us.”

The last day to drop off gifts for a family is on December 10th. To learn how to donate or adopt a family this holiday season, you can visit the Angels in the Attic website.

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