Apple Experts Say You Should Never Waste Your Money On This Storage Upgrade


Are you finding yourself scrambling for storage on your iPhone? Do you regularly have to deal with annoying Storage Full pop-ups that appear just when you’re ready to download an app or take an important photo or video? The solution may not be what you think it is. Even though Apple offers storage solutions, Tech Expert David Brayton, author of Electricalwheel.comsays you should never waste your money on this storage upgrade.

What Is A Storage Upgrade In Apple?

First thing’s first: what exactly is a storage upgrade in Apple? “The storage upgrade in a device is an increase in the amount of space that is available for storing data,” Brayton said. “This can be accomplished by adding more memory to the device, or by using a larger capacity storage device such as a hard drive.”

According to Brayton, you should never waste your money on this storage upgrade for two primary reasons:

“First, upgrading your storage is not going to improve your overall system performance,” Brayton said. “Sure, you may get a slight boost in speed, but it’s not going to be significant enough to warrant the cost of the upgrade. Second, most people never come close to using all the storage they have available to them. Unless you’re a power user with a lot of demanding applications, you’ll likely find that your current storage capacity is more than sufficient.”

What You Should Do Instead To Gain Back Storage

Don’t worry, if you’re looking to gain back storage on your iPhone, there are a few things you can do. First, take a look at what’s taking up the most space on your device, Brayton recommends. “If you have a lot of music or photos, consider storing them elsewhere, like in the cloud or on an external drive,” Brayton said. “You can also delete any unused apps or clear out old files and data that you no longer need.”

Another option is to upgrade to a larger-capacity iPhone. “This way, you’ll have more space for the things you want to keep on your device,” Brayton said. “Whatever route you choose, make sure you’re proactive about gaining back storage on your iPhone so you can keep using it without issue.”

You don’t have to deal with constant storage pop-ups — take proactive steps that free up space or plan in advance if you suspect you’ll need more space.

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