Art lovers attend Peter Anderson Festival despite rain

OCEAN Springs, Miss. (WLOX) – This weekend, Ocean Springs is celebrating its 44th annual Peter Anderson Art Festival.

The festival serves as a time for artists from across the country to showcase their best to attendees and to catch up with fellow artists as well.

“It’s always one of our favorite festivals,” said Cindy Williams. “There’s a lot of potters — which it’s really, really neat to see everybody else’s work — and then when someone buys a piece of your pottery, you know, it feels really good when they choose yours.”

“It’s still on the Gulf Coast, and a lot of my subject matter is inspired by the Gulf Coast area since I live on the Gulf Coast,” said Kathy Schumacher.

“There must be over 30 potters at this show, and to be part of that tradition and part of that lineage is really an honor to continue along doing that,” said Alex Williams.

Over thousands of art lovers gather together to show their love of art and the artist.

“Last year also, there were at least 60,000 people that walked by our booth over two days,” said Williams. “It was absolutely phenomenal…and then, Ocean Springs is wonderful. Like, it’s just amazing that people that come out and support the festival. It’s always one of our best.”

“The people here are so much fun,” said Schumacher. “Not only do they appreciate good art, but they also like to have a good time. So, I feel this positive energy anytime I come to Ocean Springs.”

A positive energy that can be felt even during the rain.

“I would not choose to do it during this time but if I’m going to be anywhere, it’s a good place to be.”

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