Benjamin Mendy trial: Man City player says it was ‘so easy’ to meet women for sex

Benjamin Mendy has said he used to go out partying “two to three times per week” as a Manchester City player and that his aim was “to have sex with lots of women”.

Mendy gave evidence for the first time at Chester Crown Court on Monday afternoon, nearly three months into his trial.

The 28-year-old was found not guilty of one count of rape in September and denies seven further counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault.

He said the four months he spent in police custody at the end of 2021 had made him reflect on his behavior and that he now realises some of his actions may have been “disrespectful”.

During questioning by his defense lawyer, Eleanor Laws KC, Mendy said “everything changed” once he left leading French club Monaco for City in the summer of 2017 and that messages he received from women on social media “became 10 times more”.

The France international spoke in English but had to be constantly reminded to speak into the microphone and not to mumble. He was asked about his attitude to partying and women and he said he had been speaking quietly out of embarrassment.

“I am ashamed talking about these things in a loud voice,” he told the court after being reminded to speak clearly. “I am embarrassed, when you asked me the questions, I can’t scream, like, ‘Yeah, I love sex’.”

Mendy that he met his co-defendant, Louis Saha Matturie, soon after explained arriving in Manchester and that he used to go out to nightclubs regularly.

Matturie denies six counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault relating to seven women. He was cleared of two counts of rape in September.

When asked how easy it was to meet women for sex, Mendy replied, “Honestly, so easy.”

He outlined that he had become used to having sex with different women on the same night during his days in the youth team at Le Havre, another French club. “It sounds strange to say here but, since the academy, it was normal,” he said.

Mendy lifts the Premier League trophy with City in May 2021 (Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images)

When asked about having sex with women who had slept with his friends earlier the same evening, he said: “Same. We grew up like this in the academy, it was part of us.”

Sexual interest from women had continued when he transferred to Marseille, a higher-profile club, in 2013 at age 19, he said.

“The way women were coming to meet I had never seen before,” he said. “I know I’m not Brad Pitt. The way they come to me it’s not because of my looks, it’s because of football. For the status, football, access to lots of things.”

He was asked if he enjoyed this and said, “Yeah, I would not say it was bad.”

Speaking generally about his sexual encounters, Mendy added: “I was clear and direct with what I wanted and what they wanted, that we both agreed. At the time I was not thinking that they can be upset, because if they wanted to have sex and I wanted to (have sex) everything was fine and I would carry on my partying.”

Mendy’s main home is in the Cheshire town of Prestbury, a short drive south of Manchester, but it has emerged during the trial that he also owns an apartment in Manchester city center that was looked after by Matturie. Explaining why he bought the flat, Mendy said: “For example, if I finished training, or after the club, parties. It’s somewhere to stay if I didn’t want to go home.”

Asked by Laws what he enjoyed, Mendy replied: “Honestly, to have sex with lots of women.” On his attitude to using contraception, he said: “It’s not a nice thing to say, but the reality is I didn’t worry, I knew the risks.”

Mendy was asked what he would do if a sexual partner said “no” before or during sex and replied: “I would be fine, I would accept it and stop.” Regarding the possibility of a partner who stopped responding during sex, he said: “I stop, I prefer… I like to have sex with someone who enjoys it as well.”

Mendy was questioned by police in November 2020 and the following January. Asked by his defense lawyer why he continued to have parties at his house until his arrest in August last year, he replied: “I did nothing wrong, so I was just, like, ‘Carry on’.”

The full-back said he now regrets that decision and talked about his time in police custody between August 2021 and January this year.

“When I was in prison, you realise a lot of things,” he said. In a reference to the death of his father in March 2020, he said, “Inside, I had a lot of pain. When I was feeling happy was when I was drinking and having parties.”

Asked what he was thinking while in custody, Mendy said: “I never had the time to really think about what I was doing. When I went there (prison), I was alone, you sit down all day, the only thing you can do is think. The way I was sleeping with different women, the way I was going out, the way I was forgetting about my football because sometimes I was upset, sometimes I cared more about enjoying.

“I didn’t know if I could hurt the women’s feelings if we both wanted to have sex, but if I was asking my friend, ‘Can I sleep with her?’, I realise that was disrespectful.”

Asked if he had thought about money and his attitude to football, Mendy said: “A lot, because for the first time in my life I was working on something else other than football, I was earning £4 per day (in prison) and I spent it at the canteen. It was the first time I had to be really careful (with money). I had to think that if I wanted thisI could not have that. Before, everything I wanted I just bought it, so it taught me the value of money.

“I was sad and upset for going there (prison), but at the same time I learned a lot of things about the way I was. Now, if I meet some people I don’t know, to bring them to my house, I would not do it. I prefer to be on my own. You don’t know what can happen after.”

The trial continues.

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