Derek Carr: There is a lot I want to say, but I don’t need to say it here


The Raiders had another ugly loss on Sunday, losing to the Jaguars 27-20 after going up 17-0 early in the second quarter.

It was the third time this season Las Vegas had lost a game after being up by at least 17 points — a stat that was clearly frustrating quarterback Derek Carr in his postgame press conference.

“You know, I think there is a lot I want to say, you know? But if I’m honest, I don’t need to say it here,” Carr said. “There are things that will be said. There will be things that need to be addressed and all these things. But I think as [a] whole, the urgency part of it, after 30 minutes of football, we have to learn that the game is not over.

“I feel like I’ve been in this situation a lot where new coaches or this or that and you have to teach the new guys like this is how we do it and this is the mentality. That gets tiring, but at the same time, it’s my job. There is some of that. I’ll say that right now for those things. But there are things in-house that we’ll talk about man to man and all that kind of stuff that could be addressed.”

The Raiders were in the rare situation where a team with a winning record that reached the postseason went out and hired a new coaching staff and front office. Given that experience, one wouldn’t think Las Vegas is the kind of team that really needs to learn how to finish games.

Carr said he thought some of the unnamed issues were addressed in the last week, after the Raiders lost 24-0 to the Saints.

“I felt confident. We had a really good week,” Carr said. “But, like we always say, having a really good week doesn’t give you a win on Sunday. It gives you a chance. If you don’t have a good week then you have no chance. So, I thought so, yeah.”

Carr did note that the team talked about urgency and stamina to be effective for an entire game.

“We’ve shown spurts of being a good football team but showing spurts doesn’t get you wins,” Carr said. “We have to do it all the time. Good teams do it all the time and we have not done it.”

At an unexpected 2-6, the Raiders will have a chance to get back into the win column with the 3-5-1 Colts at home next weekend.

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