Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor reveals has stage 4 cancer, and misses induction ceremony to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Andy Taylorguitarist for the legendary British band Duran Duranrevealed that he has stage 4 prostate cancerduring the group’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“Just over four years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer,” Taylor wrote. “Many families have experienced the slow burn of this disease and, of course, we are no different.”

Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Eminem, Dolly Parton inducted into Rock Hall of Fame

The announcement was made by fellow band member and frontman Simon Le Bon, as Taylor was unable to attend the ceremony. Le Bon read a letter on Taylor’s behalfwhere he revealed that he has been battling the disease for years.

He has had the disease for four years, and there is no cure

Taylor, who is also a songwriter and producerand was part of The Power Stationadded: “So I speak from the perspective of a family manbut with deep humility, to the band, to the biggest fans a group can haveand to this exceptional award.”

Duran Duran’s induction into the Hall of Fame was to serve as a reunion for the groupwhich currently consists of Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Simon Le Bon.

Taylor said the treatment he is receiving is top-notchbut he recently suffered a “setback,” and while his condition is “not immediately life-threatening, there is no cure.”

“Despite the exceptional efforts of my teamI had to be honest that, both physically and mentally, I was going to push my limits,” the letter said. “However, none of this has or should detract from what this band (with or without me) has accomplished and sustained for 44 years.”

Disappointed not to be present with his bandmates

Taylor added, “We’ve had a privileged life, we were a bit naughty but very nice, a bit flirty but very well dressed, a bit full of ourselves because we had so much to give, but as I’ve said many times, when you feel that collective, instinctive, kindred spirit of creativity mixed with ambition, armed with a group of ber cool fans, well, what could possibly go wrong?

He ends his letter by noting his disappointment at not being able to be there, and that he had even bought a new guitar for the occasion. “I am very proud of these four brothers; I am in awe of their durability, and I am delighted to accept this award,” the letter said. “I have often doubted that this day would come. I am very happy to be around to see the day.”


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