How much will the Vikings use TJ Hockenson today?

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Adding an offensive player who doesn’t know the offense or the personnel or the playbook or the coaching staff is like changing a tire on a moving car. The Vikings are going to do their best to pull and replace that wheel, given the skills an abilities of new tight end TJ Hockenson.

It’s a combination of necessity and luxury. Starter Irv Smith, Jr. is injured. And Hockenson has shown that he is among the best tight ends in the league, if he’s utilized properly.

So what will we see from Hockenson today, at Washington? Jeremy Fowler of tweeted last night that Hockenson put in extra hours to get up to speed on the game plan (that should be presumed, but it’s nice to kn0w) and that he’ll be a”key partof the offense.

We’re hearing that Hockenson’s primary work should come in the red zone. And that the Vikings may use Hockenson’s presence to rely even more heavily on receiver Justin Jefferson.

Whether it’s today or down the road, the Vikings need Hockenson if they hope to keep winning. Every team they play this month has a record at or above .500, and the Bills, Cowboys, and Patriots are looming.

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