Ilya Samsonov injured his knee during a penalty shot by Brad Marchand

Ex-Caps goalie/current Leafs goalie Ilya Samsonov left Toronto’s game early on Saturday night. He suffered an apparent knee injury while facing a penalty shot from Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand.

Now on injured reserve, Samsonov will be out at least a week, though a precise timeline awaits the results of an MRI.

Marchand was awarded the shot for getting tripped on a breakaway. As he moved for a backhand, Samsonov jerked backwards. Marchand scored, and Samsonov laid on his back in the crease.

The Leaves specified that the injury was to Samsonov’s knee.

Today, Leafs chief Sheldon Keefe said Samsonov “will be out more than a week, by the looks of it.” The team is awaiting the results of an MRI. Because of his IR status, Samsonov would already be inligible to play at least until Toronto’s game against Vancouver on Saturday the 12th.

Samsonov, 25, had become Toronto’s de-facto number-one goalie since Matt Murray went down with injury last month. In eight games, Samsonov saved .921 in all situations. According to Moneypuck, he had saved 4.9 goals above expected, ranking him 10th among goals who have played at least five games.

Samsonov’s injury history is long and complicated, including an sustained injury from an ATV accident, and a series of smaller injuries over the last few seasons.

The Leafs turned to backup-to-the-backup goalie Erik Kallgren to defeat the Bruins on Saturday. On Sunday afternoon, the Leafs signed Marlies goalie Keith Petruzzelli to a two-year contract.

Screenshot courtesy of the Leafs

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