Internet in splits after clip of instant ‘plastic surgery’ goes viral

Indian television series are famous for their outlandish plots and bizarre scenes. Be it ‘cleaning’ a laptop by washing it under a sink or an illogical plot featuring a woman struggling to free her dupatta from a fan, viewers have been left in splits by such clips. Time and again the internet has brought forth hilarious illogical storylines from such TV shows. The latest to join the list is Tamil soap opera Roja, wherein a character’s instant “plastic surgery” left people in disbelief. The scene was reportedly from the show’s 1000th episode.

The scene features a group of people carrying an unconscious woman out of an ambulance to the middle of the road. One character puts a face mask on the unconscious woman and starts kneading it. Within seconds, the woman’s face is transformed to that of the protagonist as the group looks on in shock. The video was posted with the caption “Plastic surgery on road”.

Watch the hilarious scene here:

To no one’s surprise, the video grabbed eyeballs across Twitter instantly. Many took to social media to bemoan the plot, or lack of it. Others were left giggling over the illogical “surgery”. Here is how the internet reacted:

A few people were left shocked by the scene.

“Never knew makeup and plastic surgery were synonyms,” commented one person.

Plenty of people felt Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series had a worthy competitor as far as outlandish stunts are concerned.

Some of course found inspiration for memes from Rajinikanth.

Others hilariously compared to the surgery to Maggi, on account of its duration.

People also wondered if none of the actors ever raised an objection against the scene.

This is not the first time such a scene from a TV show has gone viral. A few months ago, this scene from Hindi daily soap Swarna Ghar was criticized by internet users for its illogical plot.

Another viral video showed a hilarious clip of a thali of sindoor flying into the air and two women fighting over it.

What are your thoughts on these videos?

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