“My Gums Are Bleeding”: 45 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Dark Endings

When it comes to upcoming projects, the artist rather likes to keep his audience guessing as to what they will be doing next!

“Ohh, I’m working on some really interesting stuff right now that I can’t talk about just yet. Which I know is a lame answer. But stay tuned, because I’m collaborating on some big projects that I’m really excited about.”

“My gums are bleeding” also shared some rather interesting facts about their life, and perhaps, even some future plans.

“I’m really interested in finding that sweet spot between artistic integrity and popular appeal. I started out in the world of fine art, doing paintings and graphic novels. I was at Calarts for 4 years working almost exclusively on these massive, 100- page-long comics. I got burnt out on that real fast. Eventually, once I have enough of the following, I’d like to return to it and do something long-form, work on graphic novels or animated features. working with a few TV studios on TV show ideas at the moment, so we’ll have to see if that actually pans out.”

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