PS5: Hidden menu in Debug settings can be accessed with button combo (video)

Zecoxao reports that PS5s can access additional debug options with the press of a button combination. Your PS5 will need to be hacked (and have the Debug Settings enabled) in order to run this trick. This additional menu could contain options that can typically be found on TestKit consoles, but it seems pretty empty on retail consoles.

What’s the PS5 Debug Settings Hidden Menu about?

Pressing Start + L3 on the PS5 (in any place) while the Debug Settings are enabled, will pop up that hidden menu, which is unfortunately very empty right now.

People who have tested it seem to report it does a whole lot of nothing. Specifically, pressing the button combo will open a Debug Menu : Cex menu, itself with a “launch settings” option. Clicking that option apparently just takes you to the regular settings menu, as shown in the video below by @Ifaicompa.

(By the way L3 means clicking the analog stick, if you didn’t know)

TestKit options on Retail PS5 – Current Status and Limitations

It’s worth keeping in mind that most Debug Settings options are broken on retail consoles. Just because we have the ability to show the GUI (in this case, the menu) of a given TestKit option, doesn’t mean the option will work (or that the underlying app is present) on a retail unit.

Zecoxao believes that this option could unlock additional functionality (such as UART logs) if the PS5 was hacked further, for example if a Hypervisor hack could be developed.

How to access the Hidden Debug Menu on your PS5

You will need a hackable PS5 to run this.

  • Run the PS5 Kernel exploit with Debug settings enabled (they are enabled by default on all exploit variations afaik)
  • Anywhere in the PS5 interface, hitting START + L3 will show the menu.

The PS5 Dev wiki has additional button combos for you to try if you want. (But Do. not. Enter. IDU. Mode!!!)

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