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The posts showcasing talents of dogs or cats often create a buzz online. Case in point, this share about a dog named Van Gogh who has an eye for art. Shared on Facebook, the pictures of the pooch creating artworks on canvases with paints have wowed people. The creations by the rescue dog have won people over and may have the same effect on you too.

The pictures were posted on the official Facebook page of Happily Furever After Rescue. “Van Gogh hard at work “painting” and making his beautiful masterpieces,” the organisation wrote. In the next few lines they described how the pooch creates the artworks. “Paint of various colors were dripped onto the canvases and were then placed in a ziploc bag with a layer of peanut butter spread on top. While Van Gogh licked away, the paint glided over the canvases, creating a beautiful work of art!” they added. They concluded the post with a series of pictures.

Take a look at the post:

Since being posted, the share has received several comments. While some were in awe of the dog’s creations, others wanted to know when and where they could buy them.

Are any still available? I’d love 2 (one for each of my kids rooms),” posted a Facebook user. “So talented!!!!,” commented another. “Incredible! He looks so into it! Such an innovative, unique idea,” shared a third. “Amazing,” wrote a fourth.


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