Songjiang rebranding as high-tech district

WWith the G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River Delta, which is home to firms in artificial intelligence, biomedicine, integrated circuits and others, Songjiang’s drive to transform the “made-in-Songjiang” label to “high-tech Songjiang” is gaining traction .

Shanghai Lepure Biotech recently announced that it will deliver disposable bioreactors and other products to Jinfan Pharmaceutical, an industry leader in the development of gene-therapy technologies.

β€œThe localization of disposable fermentation tanks has shattered the monopoly of foreign technology and equipment,” said Qin Sunxing, chairman of Lepure. “It will also assist in reducing the costs of biological processes utilized in gene-therapy research. And ultimately, it will lessen the financial burden on patients and the whole society.”

Lepure Biotech, founded in 2011, has become one of the top 100 private manufacturing enterprises in the city.

Cai Bin

Tencent’s Yangtze River Delta supercomputing center

The Songjiang G60 valley has drawn a constant influx of high-tech businesses over the past five years, including Haier, Tencent, Hengchi, Shunluo Electronics, with a huge number of projects and headquarters worth over 10 billion yuan.

Currently, there are about 3,000 biomedical companies in Songjiang. The industrial output value of those firms increased to 13.17 billion yuan (US$1.81 billion) in 2021 from 3.33 billion yuan in 2016.

In the first half of this year, Shanghai Advanced Silicon Technology Co Ltd constructed the world’s leading automatic production line of 300mm silicon wafers.

During the 2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference, Songjiang signed 25 important industrial projects worth a total of 28.5 billion yuan. Five of these projects have already started construction.

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