‘The taste remains the same’

Finnish food group Valio has created a new chocolate recipe based on AI analysis of the taste preferences of milk chocolate eaters.

Leaning on data from over a million consumers, the company then worked with local chocolate artisans from Kultasuklaa.

“The needs and preferences of global milk chocolate fans are changing. Growing awareness of health challenges affect the confectionery industry with governments around the world already starting to regulate sugar use and consumption. With our Valio Bettersweet solution the taste remains the same even though the amount of sugar is reduced,”​ claimed Valio’s Senior Vice President Timo Pajari.

Diving into the data, Valio analyzed over 1.5 million social media discussions and surveyed ‘hundreds’ of people about their chocolate preferences. To achieve this, the company worked alongside Finnish food tech group Aiwo Digital.

“We wanted to unravel the most delicious and hidden desires of milk chocolate fans. By connecting the capabilities of AI, human craftsmanship and design with our milk powder know-how we were able to create the chocolate of the future. Observing and curating conversations on social media enabled us to draw conclusions of authentic consumer preferences,”explained Pajari.

What people want: Five use cases

The results showed ‘silent signals’ and emerging milk chocolate trends with two main conclusions, Valio revealed. First, there is no one preferred chocolate taste, filling, or size – rather consumers want different milk chocolate products in different situations. Second, people want to indulge in milk chocolate ‘with good conscience’.


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