There is no one way to be beautiful. That is why this CEO is disrupting the definition of beauty standards in the industry

Caring needs authenticity. “It’s also about telling each other the truth, sometimes that is not nice to hear, but it helps us to hear it,” she explained. This is the honest caring, the fearless part. They work hand in hand, “not against each other and not without the other”.

In a beauty context, products are essentially self-care tools that help you look and feel better, to love you better. “Kindness to the skin is what we do in skincare, we want to give results, but they have to be kind to the skin,” she elaborated.

That kindness extends to the planet that we inhabit, and drives the sustainability agenda at Coty Inc, and she takes great pride in the company’s commitment to the planet to meet consumer expectations.

Coty’s fragrances for example, are manufactured with carbon-positive alcohol. While “everything natural is good for you, it’s not necessarily good for the planet,” she stressed, if you’re overusing natural resources that have a finite resource. The high-quality ethanol Coty uses now, is an innovation that came out of its partnership with cleantech firm, Lanzatech, that turns carbon waste into sustainable chemicals. Other planet-friendly achievements include Coty’s Lancaster’s Sun Sensitive line – the first sun care line in the industry to be awarded a cradle-to-cradle sustainability certificate. The international certification applies to raw materials and products that can be fully reused in a way that preserves or even increases their value, closing the loop in production and eliminating waste.


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