This Twitter thread showing people taking instructions literally is the funniest thing on internet

The now-viral thread, shared by a popular Twitter account ᴏʟᴜᴍɪᴅᴇ (@mideysmith) on November 5, has gathered over 25,000 likes.

The thread documents ironic moments such as a vehicle crashing through a wall that has the words “Drive Thru” written over it. Another picture showed a man putting this iPhone under a wristwatch as the notice in the background said, “Keep your iPhone and valuables under watch!! Thefts are being reported in the library”. While some of these undated pictures appeared natural, some were obviously staged.

Commenting on these tweets, a Twitter user wrote, “So english is hard for white people too”.

Another person said, “Easily the funniest thread I’ve seen in a while”.

In our everyday life, we see many instances where the following misunderstood instructions can cause interesting situations. In May last year, a Nagpur resident’s simple cake order soon turned into a facepalm moment after the bakery apparently misunderstood the client’s instructions. While placing an online order, the person asked the bakery to mention if their cakes contained eggs. To his surprise, the man got a cake that had the words “Contain Egg” written boldly over it.


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