VC Meagan Loyst to Lead Gen Z VCs Full-Time, Leave Lerer Hippeau

  • Meagan Loyst, an associate at VC firm Ler Hippeau, is leaving to focus on Gen Z VCs full-time.
  • Loyst will run the online community of young investors and founders she founded in 2020.
  • She will also produce educational content about entrepreneurship and advise startup founders.

After investing in dozens of founders over the past two years as an associate at venture-capital firm Lerer Hippeau, Meagan Loyst is stepping away to focus on Gen Z VCs, the online community she founded.

A longtime proponent of young people breaking into the world of VC investing, Loyst will become the full-time founder and CEO of Gen Z VCs, an online community of over 19,000 young people working in tech and VC.

“Meagan has been an incredible Gen Z voice on our team, and we’re excited to see her continue to make a positive impact on the broader VC industry and her generation as the full-time founder & CEO of Gen Z VCs,” said Ben Lerer, the managing partner of Lerer Hippeau, in an emailed statement.

The now 25-year-old Loyst first founded Gen Z VCs in November 2020 as a Slack group after tweeting about her desire to meet more Gen Zers, or people born in the mid-to-late 1990s, working in VC. After getting flooded with responses, she set up a Slack channel to connect around 30 Gen Z founders and investors, and the group has continued to grow since.

Through Gen Z VCs, Loyst plans to host networking events in major cities, much like the group’s summits in Chicago and Los Angeles last month. She does not have any current plans to raise VC funding for Gen Z VCs.

Loyst’s solo career marks the trend of several young VCs established roles at big name firms to leave out on their own, either by starting emerging funds or new creative projects and syndicates. Most recently, Rex Salisbury left storied firm Andreessen Horowitz and launched a $20 million fund through Cambrian, his online community for fintech entrepreneurs and investors.

When asked if she would still continue investing, Loyst said that she was “taking a break,” but that she plans to work as an advisor to young founders. “The founders that I’ve been working with, they know I’m not going anywhere,” she said.

She also intends to monetize her own online following as a Gen Z expert through her online newsletter, “Meagan’s Newsletter: The Gen Z POV,” video content on TikTok and YouTube, and speaking at summits. She has also launched a course about the basics of venture capital on the online learning platform Maven, which costs $5 to enroll and will take place in January 2023, and has plans to develop more courses as part of a Gen Z VCs learning initiative called Gen Z VCs Academy. The money earned from hosting those courses will go towards a scholarship for students, Loyst said.

Loyst also plans to keep writing public essays and reports on topics like the creator economy and the metaverse, and is currently participating in the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program for young professionals.

“What started as a tweet and article and a Slack group became much, much more,” she said. “The future of venture is creator-led, and I want to invest in that future.”

Correction: November 2, 2022 — An earlier version of this story missed the original number of members of the Gen Z VCs Slack group. It started with 30 members, not 700. It also missed the name of Loyst’s newsletter. It is “Meagan’s Newsletter: The Gen Z POV,” not “The Gen Z POV.” It also missed the launch date to enroll in her online course. It launched on November 2, and will not launch in January 2023. The story has also been updated to reflect that Loyst’s online course is part of a larger learning initiative called Gen Z VCs Academy at Gen Z VCs, and proceeds from the courses will be used for a scholarship for students.

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