Viral video shows woman drawing beautiful chalkboard art, leaves internet impressed

Screenshot taken from video. Twitter/ @ValaAfshar

The internet is full of talented people who take to their social media handles to share their creativity and skills with others on various platforms. Starting with paintings and drawings, as well as other sets of skills including dancing and singing, there are several videos to prove the same. Such videos are indeed worth watching as they not only give people their daily dose of entertainment but in several instances also help to promote such talents. With that said, we have now come across a new video that shows a young talented woman creating very unique chalk art on a board with the help of just a single piece of white chalk.

Shared on Twitter by a user named Vala Afshar on Friday, the video shows the woman standing in front of a green board with chalk in her hands as she starts to scribble on the board. Starting with an outline of a woman holding an umbrella, she follows up by using the chalk very skillfully to also draw a man’s outline standing behind the woman.

At last, using her talent, she also draws the landscape area around both figures further ending up with a very attractive and visually appealing sketch. Lauding the woman’s skills, the user captioned the video, “It is hard to imagine that one can use chalk to draw this beautifully.”

Watch the video:

The one-minute has already gone viral and grabbed over a million views. People also took to the comment section and appreciated the artwork. One user wrote, “People can do amazing things” while another commented, “Stunning! A great gift.”

A third user commented, “That’s an incredibly unique artistic ability completely caught off-guard with good it ended up turning out.”

Check some more reactions:

While people seemed quite impressed with the video, the views continue to rise.

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