VITA 62.2 Compliant, SOSATM Aligned, 3U Power Supply

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Milpower’s M4094 800W, 3U VPX DC to DC power supply converts direct voltage from the MIL-STD-704 270Vdc bus to deliver the 12Vdc and 3.3VAUX supplies required by SOSA-aligned systems. Up to 800W output power and EMI filters are included. Using the new VITA 62.2 connector system, the proper clearances are provided to avert creepage issues and corona at high altitudes. The M4094 is designed for high shock and vibration environments in applications like avionics and airborne mission computing. VITA 46.11 Tier II system management is now also available.

Open architecture has become a critical tool to meet the evolving nature of sensor fusion on the battlefield. The M4094 series is SOSA-aligned to enable our customers to quickly integrate and upgrade sensor technology to keep pace with our adversary’s technology. It is the ultimate solution for military applications that require 3U form factor power solutions.
MILVPX power solutions have been developed from the bottom up to support the rigorous requirements of today’s military applications – land, sea and air. Designed for defense applications and tailorable to meet your unique requirements, the MILVPX™ product family includes 3U, 6U and custom form factors with up to 1.2kW of total power, multiple outputs and embedded EMI filters.

About Milpower Source:
Milpower Source, Inc. designs rugged power conversion, power management, and networking solutions for commercial, military and aerospace applications. With nearly 40 years of experience, we design and manufacture “off the shelf” (OTS), modified and fully custom solutions to address the demanding requirements of today’s MIL-Standards.

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