Woman Falls While Trying to Kick Bike Rider, Internet Says “Instant Karma”

The woman loses balance and falls from the bike.

We have all been warned by our elders about karma catching up with us. Whenever we try to do something wrong to someone, knowing it inherently, we are cautioned that our karma will soon come back to us with consequences. One such video doing rounds on the internet shows a woman falling from a motorcycle while trying to kick a man riding a bike next to her. The woman was riding pillion on the other motorcycle but couldn’t maintain her balance and fell on the road.

As the video starts, a man and woman are seen riding a pink bike while another person is driving next to them. The woman then proceeds to kick the other driver but loses balance and falls on the road instead. However, for a few seconds the driver of the pink bike doesn’t realise it and keeps moving. He stops a few seconds later.

The video was shared on Reddit 18 hours ago and has 96 per cent upvotes with over 46,000 likes.

It is not sure where the video was shot and if the woman was injured or not.

Many users commented about karma hitting her back. “INSTANT Karma,” said one user. “Hahaha haha ​​got what she deserved,” said another.

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“That bag saved her back though,” said another user.

A few months ago, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda shared two videos on the subject of karma. One of the clips showed a man trying to pull the tail of a camel. However, as he tries to catch it, the camel kicks the unsuspecting man and sends falling back. The IFS officer just wrote “karma” in the caption.

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